{{Special|Page|Name|Value|Title}} creates a plain link for [{{fullurl:Special:Page|Name=Value}} Title].
The link has in essence the same effect as [// Title].

The default for the optional Title is the localized name of the Page, i.e., {{PAGENAME:{{#special:Page}}}}.  Examples:

  • {{Special|PrefixIndex|namespace|1|Talk}} yields Talk
  • {{Special|PrefixIndex|namespace|1}} yields 前缀索引
  • {{Special|PrefixIndex/{{FULLPAGENAMEE}}/|stripprefix|1|subpages}} yields subpages
  • {{Special|Log|user|3=Sannse&type=rights|4=official}} yields official

Omitting Name=Value might apparently work, but actually this is not supported, e.g., {{Special|Mypage}} yields 我的用户页.

You can use [[Special:Page|{{PAGENAME:{{#special:Page}}}}]] where Name=Value is not needed.  On 社区中心 the localized name of Mypage is the default 我的用户页 (note camel case), and you can simply write [[Special:Mypage|]].  If a template is also used on Wikias with localized names the longer form with {{PAGENAME:{{#special:Page}}}} might be better.  Also see c:, m:, mw:, w:de:, w:en:.

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