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'''機器人(bot)''' 是一種能在wikia上進行自動編輯的軟體,也可以幫助用戶作一些半自動的操作。機器人最常做的事是在很多頁面上作出重覆的編輯,例如大量變更分類、修正連結、修改錯字等等。
'''機器人(bot)''' 是一種能在wikia上進行自動編輯的軟體,也可以幫助用戶作一些半自動的操作。機器人最常做的事是在很多頁面上作出重覆的編輯,例如大量變更分類、修正連結、修改錯字等等。
As bots can make many edits during their run, their edits can overwhelm the [[Help:Recent changes|recent changes]] list, making it difficult to see and respond to edits by human users. For this reason, bots that have been tested and approved by a wikia community can be given a '''bot flag. '''A bot flag is a setting in the MediaWiki software that hides bot edits from the recent changes list. Bot edits can always be revealed by clicking "Show bots" in the Recent changes header.
機器人可以在短期間內作出很多修改,因此這些編輯可能會讓[[Help:Recent changes|最近更改]]列表充滿機器人的編輯,而看不到其他人的編輯。因此,已測試過並由wiki社群同意使用的機器人,可以獲得「機器人旗幟」,有機器人旗幟的機器人的編輯,就可以在最近更改列表中隱藏,但用戶也可以選擇看到機器人的編輯。

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機器人(bot) 是一種能在wikia上進行自動編輯的軟體,也可以幫助用戶作一些半自動的操作。機器人最常做的事是在很多頁面上作出重覆的編輯,例如大量變更分類、修正連結、修改錯字等等。





To receive a bot flag, please contact a member of the Community Team to request it. Your request should include a link to a public discussion on your wikia, showing that the community approves of the use and flagging of the bot.


Bots on Wikia must use a limited editing rate so that they don't overload Wikia's servers. For most bot programs, a rate throttle is built in, so you don't need to worry about this. However, if you find your bot making more than one edit per second, then it's time to slow it down.

A bot account's User Profile and Talk Page should:

  • Clearly identify the account as a bot
  • Link to its owner's user talk page for questions
  • Encourage users to have the bot blocked by an admin if its automated edits are causing damage to the wikia — the block can be lifted after the causes for the damaging edits are understood and fixed.


AutoWikiBrowser (AWB) makes use of a whitelist called a 'check page'. On Wikia, if this page exists locally on the wikia (in the format of Project:AutoWikiBrowser/CheckPage), the bot's username (or the username the bot will run on) will need to be on this checkpage in order to operate on the wikia. If the checkpage does not exist, there is no restriction and AWB can be run without requiring the whitelist. This is done to restrict unauthorized bot programs to be run on communities.


For more information on using and making bots, see AutoWikiBrowser, Pywikipediabot or Creating a bot.

Please visit {{#NewWindowLink: Community Central Forum}} to find other bot users for help in using bots for specific tasks.



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