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In Loving Memory of Wynthyst

Gamepedia Senior Wiki Manager

b. June 29th 1963 - d. May 14th 2014


Wyn, known on-wiki as Wynthyst, was an integral part of our team and community, a talented and incredibly passionate wiki contributor, and above all she was our friend and teammate.

For those who may not have known or worked with Wyn, she was our Senior Wiki Manager. Wyn has been a contributor to Gamepedia since before there even was a Gamepedia and before any of us joined the company. She was the most prolific wiki editor we've ever seen, with an incredible passion for wikis and the communities that make them a success. Wyn was always fighting for what she thought was the best for our projects and communities. She was an irreplaceable part of our team and community and will be missed immensely.

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Wyn will be dearly missed. She was a great colleague, employee, and most importantly, a great friend. She was the most hard-working and passionate person I've ever met. Wikis and Gamepedia were not just a job for her, they were her hobby. I'm extremely fortunate to have met and worked with her. She mentored me when I was new on the wiki team and supported me when I became her "boss" (I used quotes because she did a lot of bossing of me around herself). I have learned much of what I know about Wikis from Wyn and spoke to her daily for the past 2 years. While we had a good working relationship, we had a great friendship and she was just as supportive and altruistic about life as she was about her job. I know she also worked tirelessly for the community and has left a positive impact on so many members of our wiki communities. She would stay up all night helping a community member if she had to because that's just how she was.

Wyn, I'm going to miss you. Rest in peace.


Wyn was one of the first people I ever brought on board at Curse, and someone who always spoke her mind. We worked together for nearly 4 years. Her attitude and desire to always cater to the community were her greatest assets, and I always relied on her for that.

I could always count on Wyn, and that is a rarity in the world. She was hardworking, dedicated, and cared about the community in a unique way unlike anyone I've met before.

I was incredibly saddened to hear of her passing, and I know that our team, the community, and anyone who knew her is a little less whole without her. Things won't be the same without her.

Until we meet again Wyn. Rest in peace.


Wyn was an amazing woman. She worked harder than anyone, spending countless hours creating and editing wikis and working with others to teach them what she knew. She was proud of her work, and fiercely protective of her friends and communities. I can't even begin to tell how much we appreciated her expertise, especially her seemingly-endless patience for helping out those who needed it.

Wyn touched the lives of so many people, both directly in her daily work on the wikis and in the games she played, but her contributions have reached millions of people around the world and will continue to live on as a testament to her selfless passion.

You didn't have nearly enough time with us and I will miss you very much. <3


It's really sad, we couldn't get to know each other any better, but for that, I unfortunately joined the team too late. Wyn is leaving a large gap and she and her knowledge and passion will be missed. I wished, we would have had more chances of working together. Ruhe in Frieden, Wyn.


Wyn was a colleague, but more importantly, she was my friend. Her passion and dedication will always be a lesson for me to strive harder for my own goals. I remember when I first joined Curse; one of the first projects I worked on was Minecraft Wiki. Wyn was my point of contact for all wiki related stuff in Curse. To say we started off on the wrong foot, that would be an understatement. I quickly learned how much she pride she had for her communities through various heated discussions over MSN and Skype. Despite all the bickering between the two of us, we both respected each other and grew to be friends. On some of my long nights working at the office, Wyn would keep me company by talking about various games she was playing, her cats, or projects she was working on outside Curse. To this day, I can still hear her unique laugh whenever she would tell a great joke. Those nights will never be forgotten.

When we started the Hydra project, Wyn was on the ground floor helping me architect the tools needed for the wiki team. Her in-depth knowledge of wiki processes was invaluable to the development of the project. She fought every step of the way to ensure we did not lose our way or commit Seppuku with certain features. The pride she had in her life shows in Hydra, and it will continue to be the foundation of our platform.

At our company retreat coming up this year, Wyn was going to meet both Wiki Platform teams for the first time. Even though she will not be here in person, she will be with us those days in celebration. Wyn was one hell of person that I miss and will miss each day.


I was able to work with Wyn across several wikis. We didn't always see eye to eye, but she was a great resource to have. There are so many little things (and big ones) that she did to help the communities and administrators. She was dedicated, hard working and passionate and will be missed.


I will always be grateful to Wyn for keeping me and the rest of the Wowpedia team apprised of upcoming changes on the Gamepedia platform. She was always there to lend a friendly ear. She ever fought for us and the rest of the wikis for the changes we wanted and against the changes we would rather not happen. Though I never met her in person, the news of her passing hit me far harder than I ever expected it would. Wyn, thank you so much. I miss you already, and I fervently hope you're at peace.


I never knew Wyn but I'm pretty sure I've seen her work on the wiki. I recently lost my father and it has helped me get in touch with the concept of death. Although I diddn't Know Wyn, I feel Deeply for the loss of her and I hope everyone who has been touched by this event can deal with it okay and keep her in their memories.


What I loved about Wyn was that she was never afraid to speak her mind. Wyn always had the community in mind first for everything she did and she always spoke out against anything she felt would be detrimental for the community. Her passion for what she did made this more than just a job; this and all of us were her love. Even those of us she never met in real life were impacted greatly by her spirit and her dedication to Gamepedia, wikis and the communities she served. There will never be a replacement for Wyn, for finding someone that dedicated and passionate for gaming, wikis and their communities in the manner that Wyn served all of us will be unfounded. I know I speak with all of us that we will all miss her greatly. I sincerely hope that she has found peace and is in a great place with many cats and unicorns. RIP, Wyn, I already miss you.


Wyn started out contributing to a wiki for a game she loved dearly - the official Guild Wars Wiki. She worked tirelessly to learn the nuances and subtleties of wiki editing, moving on to more difficult tasks like template creation/organization. She was well loved by the community, who voted her Sysop powers, allowing her to continue serving the wiki by policing its users and warding against trolls. She made friends, and she made enemies... I'm sorry to say I alternated between the two camps over time, but we reconciled once she had started her job at Curse. She kept in touch, showing me new pages for wikis she was working on - proving her fire was still strong.

The internet is assuredly darker in light of her passing, but we will always remember the light she shone on each of us. Thanks again, Wyn. And sorry.


I've been avoiding saying something, because it's something I'd like to pretend didn't happen. I don't think I've come to grips with it yet, but here goes.

Wyn was an amazing person. Without her guidance and help, I would have never have become as successful as I am today. She taught me so much, not just about dealing with code and wikis, but about dealing with people. Her passion for her communities was evident to anyone she worked with, and her desire to really be there for people was one of her best traits. She was truly dedicated to her work, and when I was plugging away in the dark by myself, she was typically the one I talked to, ranted to, and conversed with.

She's not someone that can be replaced. Without her, Gamepedia would be a very different thing altogether, and I think we need to remember that. More importantly, I think we need to remember exactly what our place on this planet is. For Wyn, it was never to have the most control, to be domineering, to be powerful - I think the thing she most wanted was to help, to care for, and to be part of something grand. You can see that in her work, in her relationships, everywhere - she was truly a person that cared for others more than herself.

Wyn, you will be truly missed. I'm extremely saddened by this, and this is a pain that will stick with a lot of us for a long time. God bless you, and I hope you've found the rest you so desperately deserved.


First Comment

Wyn was, beyond doubt, the best community manager I had ever met. She was caring, patient and dedicated to the community, to a fault. She always knew how best to please the community, and tried her best to make it happen. Whenever anyone needed help, she was the go-to person, and happily so.

I think I'll miss the PMs most. the jokes, the mundane questions about how things were going and the like. On more than one time, even today, I keep wanting to talk to her once more. You never really think of someone on the other end of a keyboard to be real, and that, at any point, they could blink out of existence without so much of a warning.

While the cause for now seems unknown, I'd like to think it was peaceful. She deserved so much more life than she had, and the world truly is a darker place without her here. She will be completely irreplaceable, not just as a hard-working, friendly and patient community manager, but as a dear friend. I can only hope that she is in a better place, organizing the afterlife's wiki for when it is our turn.

We're all going to miss you, Wyn!

Second Comment

It is still legitimately sad for me when I think back to this. Wyn's death marked the death of the IRC chats, and the death of my own interest in this game.

I still miss her. She was a great person, who helped me when I needed help on moderator issues, and indulged us when we talked about other non-wiki related things. That she could put up with my long messages was quite a feat. even now, others wouldn't give them the time of day.

I still hope she passed away peacefully. We were never told how it happened, but I'd like to think she was afforded that dignity, at least. It's what she would have deserved.

I still base a lot of my attitudes and behaviour on her lessons as to being a moderator. Her involvement in my life was invaluable, and I feel fortunate that I thanked her for all her help every step of the way, or else I would not have the peace that she knew - no matter how insignificant - that someone cared, and that her work will have a lasting effect, at least on me personally.

I don't believe in an afterlife or a heaven, but if I am wrong in my beliefs, I certainly hope she's found peace there. She'll always be missed.

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