Note: this FAQ was written before we changed our name from Wikia to Fandom

Video is a great way to chronicle your wiki’s topic, and provide a visual counterpart to your written content. On Wikia we have built out a Video Library that offers you licensed video content from our video partners. Below is a FAQ providing details about the videos you will find there:

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  • What does the Wikia Video Library (WVL) contain?
WVL contains thousands of licensed videos and pulls content from a number of companies that provide some of the best content online.
  • What do you mean by licensed?
Many videos found online violate copyright law, and are often taken down soon after they are posted. For the WVL, Wikia has video license contracts with video providers, allowing us to offer the Wikia community videos to use on your wikis. The videos found there can be used by any wiki or user across Wikia.
  • How does Video Licensing on Wikia work?
When Wikia decides to license content from a source partner, a Content Agreement is formed and signed between Wikia and the source partner. This Agreement has several Terms and Conditions attached to it, which state how the content can be used. The major terms include:
Term Length - how long the agreement will last for or length of time. All licenses’ have a term length. This means that there is always a potential that content could go away on Wikia. Evergreen licenses tend not to exist within the online video space for some types of content. We are generally aware of the term length and will do our best to inform communities as it approaches.
Distribution & Territorial Rights - where the content can be viewed. Depending on the contract, content may not be viewable in certain geographies. For example, if you are an international user who is viewing English language content outside of the US, you may not be able to view that specific video asset due to the distribution rights that exist within the agreement. We try our best to make videos available worldwide, but some video providers require a US only distribution.
  • Is video content in WVL exclusive to Wikia?
In most cases, no. The vast majority of our content can be found elsewhere on the Internet. However, we do receive some exclusive assets from our partners on a case-by-case basis and we do try to make this a component of many of our agreements whenever possible.
  • If it’s not exclusive to Wikia, why should I use videos from the WVL?
Since we have an explicit partnership with the video provider, it means your video won’t suddenly disappear due to copyright violations or a DMCA notice. We also can provide feedback on video quality and content to the provider, helping to give you greater access to video content.
  • Don’t see videos for your topic? Let us know!
If you don’t see videos for your topic, please write into Special:Contact/feedback and let us know. We are actively pursuing new content contracts, and would love to hear what you need or receive feedback on the content you see.

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