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A wiki is a website that anyone can participate in. From writing about your favorite topic, to adding a photo or fixing a typo, a wiki is a place where anyone can contribute and collaborate. Wikis are communities of people who share a common interest, and love to write, chat and chronicle that interest.

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On Fandom, we welcome wikis on almost any topic - popular or obscure, modern or historical, creative or documentary, funny or serious. All wikis on Fandom are public, and open to new and experienced editors alike.

People come to wikis because it's a communal project, with lots of people collaborating toward a common goal. A wiki is never complete, but always in progress, and always open for others to participate.

A wiki doesn’t have a single owner or manager, but is owned collectively by all of its community members. This means consensus, collaboration and a belief that the collective holds more knowledge than the individual is at the heart of a wiki.

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