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Hello Joe, it's Ilan xd. There is a user called [ Down2Buiness] who working in a wiki called [ Wikihunt], a Wiki about the action-stealth games series "Manhunt". He is a really great editor there and he is does not have admin rights there! None of the staff there is active for more then 3 months, and he is also doing a good job in [ my wiki].
I'm asking if you can give him admins rights, as he is a very good editor.
He told me that he did this severel times, when no one of the admins was active, by the way, how my new wiki? -- [[User:Ilan xd|Ilan xd]] 15:40, September 9, 2011 (UTC)
Thanks. I will tell him 'bout that -- [[User:Ilan xd|Ilan xd]] 16:08, September 9, 2011 (UTC)
== Fanon ==
Hey I have a Star Wars Fanon wiki called Star Wars: Cavalry of Darkness wiki, I was wondering if you could do the name thing like you did with Commander Cody (Boba Fett).{{Unsigned|Fennecfox13}}
==Powerpuff Wiki background image resize==
I tried to upload [ this image] and make it the background for my [ Powerpuff Girls Wiki], but the image won't be taken, saying that it's too big. Can you make it 100KB, please? Thanks.<br />
~~<font face="Verdana">'''''[[User:LDEJRuff|LDE]][[User:LDEJRuff|JRuff]]'''''</font>~~ 22:46 16 September, 2011 (UTC)
==F.E.A.R. page moving issues==
Hi, I'm an admin on the [ F.E.A.R. wiki], and I seem to be having some trouble with moving a page. The page's name is currently F.E.A.R.:Origin Online. It needs to be F.E.A.R.: Origin Online, but the system won't let me move it for some reason. It keeps saying I'm moving it to the same title. Can you help please? {{SUBST:User:AlessaGillespie/sig}} 05:19, September 22, 2011 (UTC)
==New Massages: BakuMasters Wiki Background==
Hi, JoePlay can you make this background 100KB fo me please for my wiki.
'''Here's the link to it (click on it to zoom it): '''
'''If you want to post it yourself here is my wiki link: '''
Thanks, [[User:The Mighty Q|The Mighty Q]]
== Halloween badges ==
Thanks for the excellent [[w:c:halloween|Halloween wikia]] badges! Much more appropriate than the generic ones. If I think of some good images for the wiki-love track, I'll let you know, but it's probably fine to have one "traditional" looking track. Surprises are appropriate for Halloween. :-) -- [[User:CocoaZen|CocoaZen]] 01:59, September 27, 2011 (UTC)
== question? ==
Hi Joe
I know this probably isn't your job but I was wondering if you could help
I have been trying to get an imagemap (I think that's what it's called) where you click on different parts of an image and can go to different pages. The image is on my user page if you would like to have a look.
I tried following instructions on how to do it but it's beyond my brain level :(
I would appreciate it if you could help but also understand if you can't.
:wow Joe
That sure made it easy to understand. I downloaded GIMP and got the co-ords just have to type it in etc.
Thanks again. You make it look easy --{{User:Wildecoyote/sig2|23:43,9/29/2011}}
Hi Joe
here's what I have so far:
<nowiki>== Map testing ==
<imagemap>#<!-- Created by Online Image Map Editor ( -->
File:The Pioneer Trail World Map-icon.png
rect 204 96 245 232 [[Goal]]
rect 456 66 170 179 [[Limited Edition Goals]]
desc none
but I must have done something wrong can you have a look please. I have it on our test page
Thanks again --{{User:Wildecoyote/sig2|23:53,9/29/2011}}
Hi Joe
Not sure what I did wrong. I got the figures from GIMP. Maybe I should look at getting photo shop?
Thanks for your help {{User:Wildecoyote/sig2|00:27,9/30/2011}}
==Hi Man!==
Hi Joe, I wanted to tell you that I'm now a b'cart of the Gangstar wiki :) Rockstar Games Wiki is now bigger, but I still have alot of work. -- [[User:Ilan xd|Ilan xd]] 14:30, September 29, 2011 (UTC)
== Image Map ==
Hey Joe, I'm not sure who showed me this tool ''(could of been you for all I know)'' but just in case you are not aware of it, I thought I would give you the link in case anyone else ever asks for Image Map help. I dare say that if wikia has a Image Map extension help page, this link should be added. Anyways, [ this tool] makes using ImageMap super easy. Wikipedia links to it, and it's been up and stable for the few years I've used it. You can see my most recent reply on [[User_talk:Wildecoyote#Image_mapping]] for how to use it. {{User:HooperBandP/sig2}} 00:32, September 30, 2011 (UTC)
==Country Music Wiki==
Hey JoePlay! [ Carrieunderwoodfanforlife] 20:18, October 4, 2011 (UTC)carrieunderwoodfanforlife Thank you so much for approving me for help! Ok so -
This is obviously a country music wiki, so I want to have anything to do with music/country artists.
I think for the Main Page it would be so, so so amazingly awesome cool if we could do like a background of country music stars faces: current stars, like Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, Jason Aldean, etc.
Or is it illegal to use a celebrity's face for this??
I think if we just did a Western theme that would be far as colors, like yellow, blue maybe?
I do not know. you are the expert! I think the famous faces would be so cool to have in the background if you could do that.
Honestly I am not picky; any help I can get at this point is very appreciated!
I feel like I am doing this alone by myself.
Retrieved from ""
==Country Music Wiki==
Hey I love it!!!!!!! Looks good....the only thing is I can't see the artist's faces like you said. I can't see it in the background. I don't know why! [[User:Carrieunderwoodfanforlife|Carrieunderwoodfanforlife]] 22:50, October 4, 2011 (UTC)
Retrieved from ""
Yes please if you could make it smaller and less wide so it will fit on my screen...Thanks! [[User:Carrieunderwoodfanforlife|Carrieunderwoodfanforlife]] 22:57, October 4, 2011 (UTC)
== Administratorship on the Rage wikia. ==
Hey JoePlay! Before I start, I would like to thank you again for your help with the Elder Scrolls wikia! I and the users highly appreciate what you and Tierrie did for us!
Since you're the Wiki Staff member I know best, I thought of asking you:
I am preparing and "cleaning" the Rage wikia, as I will get my copy of Rage in the mail tomorrow (Rage sadly comes out the 7th of October for us Europeans :P), but I see there is so many strange things being made left and right on the Rage wiki, and It becomes VERY frustrating when I'm not able to remove vandal, or useless, categories, pages, etc. There are many things needed to be improved, and I know I will do my best to do that.
I wrote a request to become an admin on the Rage wikia to Ausir, whom yet has not replied. I can't blame him for not replying, I know he is a very busy man :) I also wrote a message to [ Wagnike2], another Wiki Staff member, just a couple of minutes ago. I saw Wagnike2 had granted another user adminship about a year ago, and therefore thought he could do that to me too. But I am worried it might take a long time before I get to become an admin. I still haven't seen any vandalized categories or pages be deleted, and I know this can be very destructive for the wikia...
Therefore I was hoping you could make me an administrator, or at least point me in the right direction(as of who to ask) so that I can become one. As I wrote in the message to Ausir and Wagnike2; I am a very trustworthy person and the Elder Scrolls wiki community would agree with that, so there should be no worries for me becoming an admin for so ruining the wiki... That is something I am trying to prevent on the Elder Scrolls wiki, and now the Rage wiki. Thank you very much!
<span style="font-family:Calibri,sans-serif; margin-left:4px; background-color:555; border:1px solid #525C53; padding:0px 3px 1px 3px;">'''[[User:Zluhcs|Zluhcs]]'''&nbsp;&nbsp;<span style="font-size:85%;">[[User talk:Zluhcs|<span style="color:#1F1F1F;" title="Got something on your mind? :)">talk page</span>]]&nbsp;&nbsp;[[Special:Contributions/Zluhcs|<span style="color:#1F1F1F;" title="Look at my work!">my edits</span>]]</span>&nbsp;&nbsp;[ <span style="color:#585DE1;" title="This is the place all the cool guys hang out ;)">Elder Scrolls Wiki-chat</span>]</span> 00:14, October 7, 2011 (UTC)
:Hi Zluhcs. The proper place to request adminship on another wiki is the [[adoption|adoption page]]. In the meantime if there are any major issues to address (vandalism or spam, etc), you can report them to the [[c:vstf|VSTF]] while you wait for your adoption request to be answered. --{{User:Charitwo/Sig}} 00:21, October 7, 2011 (UTC)
The imageportals are working great, but I can only use them for content pages. I have over 70 category pages with content. I'd like portals to them also. On the Red Dead Redemption homepage, they have circular portals.
Is it possible to make two rows of four portals on the left side of the Claymore World homepage? Or would square be more esthetic? The categories are People, Places, Scenes, War, Things, Events, Minutia and Content.
[[User:Jamie95403|Jamie95403]] 17:14, October 12, 2011 (UTC)
==Social Wiki/Wiki Social==
Creo que con las nuevas implementaciones de indole social, como el chat comunitario, las nuevas paginas de discusion, los blogs y la implementacion de los foros a aumentado considerablemente el numero de usuarios y me hace notar que el futuro de wikia esta en ser una especie de red social mezclada con wikipedia, eso tendria mucho exito, ya que combinaria las ventajas de una red social con las de una enciclopedia virtual, con la caracteristica proteccion de datos de los sitios wiki y la posibilidad de editar y entretenerse con algo mas que videos y fotos de nuestros amigos, en fin, queria decir que me encanta como esta evolucionando wikia y estoy encantado de poder estar en ella :).
===English (Google translate)===
I think with the new implementations of social, community and chat, new talk pages, blogs and forums implementation of greatly increased the number of users and makes me notice that the future of the wiki is to be a kind social network mixed with wikipedia, it would have much success, and that would combine the advantages of a social network with a virtual encyclopedia with data protection feature of the wiki sites and the ability to edit and have fun with something other than video and pictures of our friends, in short, I wanted to say I love how this evolution wikia and I am delighted to be in it :)
[[User:Juakoblabla|Juakoblabla]] 17:16, October 13, 2011 (UTC)
hi, I found a vandeled page:[ MediaWiki:Emoticons]
:Hi, that page is not vandalized, I did that in order to prevent usage of the emoticons until Wikia has fixed the scroll glitch associated with them. It was made into gibberish so that people could not accidentally trigger it.--{{User:Godisme/Sig2|18:35,10/20/2011}}
Hi! You left me a message, but i didn't quite understand it. Ummmm, i asked to be a admin on two pages. are u the one who decides that? [[User:Somebodycool1111|Somebodycool1111]] 18:27, October 20, 2011 (UTC)
:Hi, that is just the auto welcome message. It gets autosigned by the last admin or staff member to edit the wiki before you make your first edit.--{{User:Godisme/Sig2|18:35,10/20/2011}}
==Stationary Wallpaper==
Hi JoePlay,
Can you modify the current skin/wallpaper background so it remains stationary as you scroll down the page, like FairyTail and other sites? Or would it be better to leave as is? [[User:Jamie95403|Jamie95403]] 23:01, October 20, 2011 (UTC)
==RE: Stationary Wallpaper==
Thanks JoePlay! [[User:Jamie95403|Jamie95403]] 23:12, October 20, 2011 (UTC)
==Taxonomy tree==
Hi JoePlay. Is it possible to create an interactive taxonomy tree for the three rudimentary family trees on the People, Places and War category pages?
Similar to the [ flow charts] on the flow chart Wiki. Or maybe portals with graphic arrows/lines? Is it possible to make a map interactive on Wiki? I'm open to any new ideas.
I don't need the infoboxes on the three category pages, as they contain redundant information. Thanks!
[[User:Jamie95403|Jamie95403]] 10:47, October 23, 2011 (UTC)
==RE: Interactive trees, maps, etc. ==
Thanks, JoePlay! [[User:Jamie95403|Jamie95403]] 19:47, October 24, 2011 (UTC)
==Extending infobox==
==Extending infobox==

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Extending infobox

Hi JoePlay, I'd like to extend the infoboxes from ten to 12 rows, as some of the other wikis use. Thanks. Jamie95403 11:55, October 29, 2011 (UTC)

Elder Scrolls Homepage

Tes homepage

Hey JoePlay, there seems to be some sort of an issue with theElder Scrolls Wiki homepage. The collums are on top of eachother. I thought you may know how to solve the issue. --Zluhcs  talk page  my edits  Elder Scrolls Wiki-chat 14:17, November 1, 2011 (UTC)

Ace Combat wiki

JoePlay, it's been about a month since we spoke about Acepedia. We have the main page slider, but there's no changes with the main page's design. I'm requesting for a redesign of the main page. Hope you haven't forgotten about us. Reply and I'll give you the design details. ProtoStealth 01:25, November 4, 2011 (UTC)

RE: Main Page Revamp (Gran Turismo Wiki)

Well, here are a few things I'd like to do with the main page.

#1. Keep the notices at the bottom of the page, but put them in a box.

The copyright notice is there to keep Sony and Polyphony Digital from suing us, and the "security notice" is there to bring to light the fact that we are dead serious about our users' privacy and security, and to dissuade them from revealing personal info in parts of the wiki which are too easily accessed.

#2. Take The Elder Scrolls Wiki's main page source, but add a few touches to make it unique.

I really like what you've done with TES Wiki's main page, but when you're porting it over to us, I'd like a few drop shadows on the boxes to make the main page more 3-D looking, and also a red-to-black gradient in each of them, but if you think that that would be too much red, then blue is acceptable as well. Also, be sure to keep both news boxes - we like to cover both news about the wiki and real-life motorsports news. If you come up with another idea to make GTW's main page unique, feel free to add it.

Oh, and BTW, you've done a commendable job on making the interface darker. There are just a few things that I've found: for one thing, the icons in the Admin Dashboard are no longer visible, and the rest of Special:AllMessages still needs to be styled; I'm thinking of replacing the gray with transparency, and maybe, for messages which have been edited, 30% transparent red BG for the original text, and a 30% transparent blue BG for the custom text.

Once again, I can't think of a way to ever repay you. Thanks for helping us out! Gp75motorsports REV LIMITER GT-PT/GT-EN/CSW 14:59, November 5, 2011 (UTC)

RE: Main page redesign (acepedia)

To begin, excuse me for not replying to your message immediately. At this moment I'm very busy with a major project, which will keep me running for this whole weekend.

Now, concerning the main page redesign, good job with the category buttons. Now, the last thing I need you to do is redesign the main page itself. Below is a short list of guidelines and tasks:

  • Redesign the "welcome" section
  • Include an "introduction to/what is Ace Combat?" section in a box w/ round corners
  • Remove the poll section
  • Redesign the news section at the bottom of the page

I'll message you if new ideas come to mind. Don't forget this one, ProtoStealth 19:54, November 5, 2011 (UTC)

Content Team Requests

Hi, I'm an admin on the Reborn Wiki, and I recently left a request on the Content Team Request page, but you seem to have overlooked it. If you haven't noticed it, please let me know the status of my request soon! Thank you. ChaosVoid

Thank you! ChaosVoid
It's amazing, thanks so much! A lot of people like it. ChaosVoid


got a bit of a problem on homefront. The Evil Dr. F talk 02:36, November 10, 2011 (UTC)

Elder Scrolls Wikia

Just wanted to say ... thanks for that information the other day! I had no idea that we had beaten the Vault's all-time record. Just goes to show, that underdogs can win if they persevere long enough. (I remember back in February and March talking with Ausir about how quiet the Elder Scrolls wiki was. Now look at it! Anyways - thanks once again! TimeoinSay G'DayView my workSee current projects 04:35, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

Nintendo Footer

Hi, i was wondering if we could make the Nintendo Footer, as you can see, I made the template. Can I implement it on wikis? Template:NintendoFooter --Bullε t (Novandals)(Don't be A Jerk)

22:37, November 19, 2011 (UTC)

The Banned Wiki

Hey, I would like to know if you can make a sign for my wiki with "The Banned Wiki" written inside on of those circles with the red line through it, If you can then great, Ive seen Country Music Wiki so Im confident that you can do it.


DeanSims 18:25, November 20, 2011 (UTC)

Moved to new site

Hi JoePlay, After talking it over with technical support, I moved Claymore World Wiki to a new site. All your templates appear working. The only thing needed is to change the wordmark from Claymore World Wiki to Claymore New Wiki.

Also, I changed my username from jamie95403 to jamieclaymore. Thanks! Jamieclaymore 01:44, November 21, 2011 (UTC)


Hello JoePlay, I'm finished putting categories in every pages in the Fatal Frame Wiki, that includes the pages that did not have a category, is it possible for the Wiki to have a new theme for that Wiki? User:White Flash/Shadowsig 19:41, November 22, 2011 (UTC)

Anime Universe Wiki Background

Hey JoePlay can you make this background I made into 100KB, here's the link to it

and also can you make it fit? -Thanks, Rileyfreeman10 (talk)

Anime Universe Wordmark

Thanks JoePlay you did the exact way I wanted, this is the last thing for me can you make me an awsome Wiki Wordmark for me that only have the words "Anime Universe" you can add a pic if you want!

-Thanks, Rileyfreeman10 (talk)

Thank You

Thank you for telling where to go. I just wasn't sure, but I know what to do now. There will be 200 pages soon enough. Annasean51 21:36, November 28, 2011 (UTC)

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