I'm just going to link back to this comment I posted two short months ago and would like to add on to that by saying that it seems that none of it was ever taken to heart or even considered by Staff; the only thing I got was an apparent non-answer to my comment with the weak promise of "we'll talk to the community about it". You can certainly claim to be doing that by having this comments thread open and even be responding to comments, but what's the point of you don't actually listen to anything that's said here? I think the community has made it very clear that they do not want this change and have provided some very good and strong arguments and reasons as to why we should be allowed to remain If you're not actually going to listen to any of this, however, then there really is no point in having this comments thread open except as a battleground for "Pro-FANDOM vs. Anti-FANDOM" combatants to go at each other with. That's far from what I expect Staff to do, and it definitely doesn't feel like a place where the community's voice is heard and listened to.

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