"Over the last year, Fandom has undergone a change in company direction that ensures communities are the first priority in everything we do moving forward."

Sorry Brandon, but I honestly could not disagree with this statement any more. Despite community opposition, you ignored us and began to migrate wikis to "" anyways. When Staff approached us to add a banner for the Google Play Fan Favorite Game 2018 Awards, they either completely ignored our questions or gave us barely intelligible non-answers to them. I asked for screenshots and didn't even get a response.[1] Just recently I had one of my wikis silently migrated to a new URL without even notifying or consulting the community. If communities really were first, you wouldn't be migrating wikis to "" with widespread opposition. You wouldn't be so bloody unhelpful when we're trying to ask for clarification or even screenshots of things. You wouldn't be changing URLs without even telling the community about the change.

Look, I get that you're playing the PR game, but at this point, after years of watching this unfold, I have pretty much lost my patience and have had enough with all of the lies that are being told. Please do not respond to this comment with another ridiculous copy-paste job. If you honestly have nothing rational to say, then don't say it, because I do not want to hear it.

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