Ohayo, everyone!

For the first time ever, the Anime vertical at Fandom is here to say hello!

Now that we have a full team, we are actively assigning Wiki Managers and Content Team Members to the top Anime Wikis. If you need assistance on your anime wiki, please reach out on the official Fandom Discord through the “Anime” channel!

We are kicking off the holiday season with ten of our favorite ghoulish and sweet themed anime communities for some tricks and treats! The following wikis are some of our Anime team’s favorites! We selected a range of wikis to participate in this giveaway, from a spooky story about the rise of Ghouls in the heart of Tokyo to the adorable Vocaloid, Miku Hatsune, who has won the hearts of millions. Take some time to check out these communities before entering our giveaway!

Click the photos below to go the respective wikis!



How to Enter

To enter, visit one of the participating wikis above, and click on the sweepstakes banner on the main page. Only two lucky participants will be chosen.

May your demons be with you!

Please review the rules before entering to ensure you qualify.


ZoeCatfu Fandom Staff

Zoe is the Anime Community Manager at Fandom. Before her role within the company, she spent several years in the gaming industry working with titles such as ARK: Survival Evolved, PUBG and various other small indie titles. On the weekend, you can usually find Zoe playing tabletop games with friends or exploring the latest game releases on Twitch.
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