Zambie: You there!

Jack : Who me?

Zambie: Yes you... Do you love Ice Cream?

Jack: Yes I do!

Zambie: it is your Lucky Day!

Jack: What do I get Ice Cream?

Zambie: will get something even better!

Jack: What  is it?

Zambie: An introduction to the Ice Cream Wiki!

Ice Cream


Jack: Please explain what is the Ice Cream Wiki?

Zambie: the Ice Cream wiki is a 2009 wiki created by Ice Cream King! Unfortunately, he vandalised his own wiki. Anyways the Ice Cream Wiki was adopted by me, of course, your handsome wikian, Zambiealex...

Jack: I am not attracted to y-

Zambie: WILL YOU BE QUIET?! So anyway the Ice Cream Wiki has been improved since by me and I have introduced some new features to it. I have cleaned up some articles and managed it with categories and wow it was tough. A few staff even came and contributed like Theresalovesyou and Asnow *cough* who made a spam blog*cough* . I have promoted a few of my friends to help me. Like you Jack.

Jack: What, how did I get promoted?

Zambie: I don't know, I don't care. Anyway I added...


Ladies and Gentlemen, do you want to share your own Ice Cream? Well today is your lucky day! This is where you can post your ideas of an Ice Cream not made but you made. This is a Work in Progress so it will be rusty. They will be made into Pages. Please note once it is accepted you are held responsible to edit it so it won't be a Stub. Please do add recipes on how to make it.

For more info Click the Fanmade thing!

Staff Page

Do you wanna know who works there? Well,looky here you can! It is basically a compilation of Staff so if you like it then see it. If you even have any questions ask a staff member there! I will guarantee that they will answer your question! 

For more info click the Staff page thing!

An Improved Forum

Do you wanna Play your games, or talk about Changes? Then Forum is the place for you! Hang out with your friends and talk to them!

For more info click the Forum thing!


Terms and Conditions, Chat Rules, Image Policies, Talk and Ban rules are there! You must abide to them!

For more info click the Rule thing!

Well that is all!

Jack: So... I can join?

Zambie: Yes you can! Help out as well!

Jack: I shall consider joining!

Zambie: You there!

Speedit: Who me?

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