Weird title. Yah, I know right.

Paper is paper. It comes from trees. We make Origami or Draw on them. Believe you and me I do not want to do some Origami. But there is one paper that is not from trees, you can't use for Origami or draw on it and that is CSS. Cascading Style Sheets are long bits of codes that you can use for HyperText Markup Language, SASS, PHP and so on. I have been learning this and I am now a CSS Apprentice. I made a personal wiki and wow it is good. You have not seen the chat yet! CSS can be used to stylise your wiki. If you want beauty, CSS can do it. If you want a crazy background, CSS can do it, Nothing can't be solved without CSS and Gigantic Robots.

If you want CSS I suggest you go straight to the Wikia Developer Wiki.

What's next? Hmm? Ah!

Tea. Tea is Tea. You drink it, you use the bag to tea stain paper and that is it. If I was your History teacher I would have given you half a mark. There is one tea that I missed out and that tea will never get cold after 30 minutes. And that is Javascript. Javascript is complicated but it can unlock may things on your wiki by just one Cache refresh. I would recommend you not to design your own script if you have no knowledge of it. Seriously. Even if you make a successful script you still need to get it tested. I have been learning Javascript during these weeks and man it is hard. I am not going to call myself a Script Wizard because I am still learning. Thing is to perform some Java you need to get it enabled by the Staff. Who knows if it contains malicious codes?



So that is CSS and JS in a nutshell. If you need codes I suggest the Dev Wiki or Open Source wiki in other words. It is a great place to get codes, help with those Jargon problems. It is a great place to get Lua codes, Parser Functions like #switch and stuff like that.

Well, I have gotta go. Thanks for reading.

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