You're probably aware of the new skin. It is just ludicrous. You must see why this is a bad move. Many wikis, including mine, are going to leave if you don't make it optional. Seriously, I love Wikia. It's a really great thing. But you're making it, much, much worse by forcing this stupid new skin on us. I get it, it's all about the money. More ad space equals more cash. But, if you make it optional, the ads will still be on some Wikis, now won't they? You'll still get the money you deserve without upsetting your community. And, by reading some of your below replies, it most certainly will not work out in the long run. More than half of the Wikis on here will leave. Some people are even buying AdBlock so that they won't even see your useless ads. And that makes it worth almost nothing putting up these ads. And (as I said above) you call yourself a community run website? You're barely even listening to what we have to say. And don't lie to me about it, I know what you're doing. You have to agree with me and 99% of the users on Wikia and you have to bring this up to the rest of the staff. I'm already taking a direct approach and sending similar messages to this on other staff members' talk pages. It's not too late, you guys. You can still make your "community" happy.

-YE (This message was copypasted and slightly edited from my previous message on Sansse's talkpage.)

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