WIP. Will be posting this on the Numberlemon and possibly BFDI wiki too. It's hard to underestimate how successful BBA is planned to be. For some future gamers, it could possibly be their first interaction with science fiction in such future, even though that's SO unlikely. Granted, BBA would be more fiction than actual science ever since it would begin, but oh well. It's a series that may or more likely may not master the action platformer and if successful, find a satisfying game loop that would last for six games before finally losing steam.

However, from the ashes of the failure chances, BBA has reasons on why it could potentially flop. Through a rock-solid set of controls and some changes, players may feel a rehash of the past.

Now while the game that inspires BBA, who knows, the adventures of BBA could manage to be just as good, most likely not, and if such better than the original. I'm here to tell you how exactly BBA could get huge success, and how it could flop. I encourage you to hear me out before Break Dashing to the comments section to insult me--

Oh, you're already typing? Well, let's get to it I guess...

HOPE: Blue Ball's Numberlemon Suit of Armor

One of the things that sets the BBA series apart from it's inspirer is how Blue Ball got detailed at some point (in NL only), not because it's cool, but to quite fit in the edge. Having been created by Dr. Rubber since the beginning of the 2000s and then put in deep testing until the games start, I... just don't know what to say.

On the BBT2A side of the deep canyon...

HOPE: Blue Ball Type 2's Wholesome Armor Packs

Again, one of the things that sets the BBT2A sub-series apart from the inspiror(and FYI, the beforemath) is the way Blue Ball Type 2 gains further power not just from blowing up villains, but by getting armor then upgrading it. Having been created by Dr. Rubber decades in the past and then put in deep freeze until the games began, Dr. Rubber sure seemed to keep busy hiding away upgrade models in remote places of the globe, where X could just so happen to find them when he needs them most of all.

Every piece of armor would upgrade your power, and by the end of the game you'd be blasting stronger, moving faster, and taking more hits than you ever could, ever since you would start to get your fingers on the keys of your keyboard and start running and gunning. As the games would progress, they could get cooler and cooler (up until a certain point I'll discuss later) and allowed X to do so much that some boss weapons became useless.

DESPAIR: BBT2A's Potentially Forgettable Bosses

Man, would you remember the future times in BBA2 where you fight a fire-breathing dragon, and there are only three platforms to jump around on? Or what about the One Demon? You know, the boss that'... Uhh... Forget it. Yeah.


BETTER: *cuts off abruptly*

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