Join the WLB!

Hello, fellow Wikians!

You may or may not know me, I'm Yatalu from c:hvetshran, c:custom and actually anywhere on Wikia. What I'm here for today is a project I'm launching across all of Wikia, that carries the name Wikia Language Brigade (special thanks to Albugineous for thinking out the name).

What is it?

The name kind of says it all, it will be a team (Brigade) of people who work wikifarm-wide (Wikia) to help translate and correct (Language) stuff for wikis. Translation may not only be wiki content, but also news sites or anything the like that may contain information needed for a wiki. Correcting means that some articles may be created by less fluent speakers, who are in need of native/advanced speakers to overlook their stuff.

To participate

In order to participate, all you need to do is go to Template:WLB and put your name, language level and availability under the appropriate languages. That way, people can match who is in both their source en goal language to find a translator. When you get busy or take a break from Wikia, you can just edit the template to change your status. Additionally, you can also add Template:WLB/EN to your profile to promote the project, by putting {{WLB/EN}} in your profile on Community Central or {{w:WLB/EN}} in your profile elsewhere on Wikia.

To request translations

In order to request translations, you also firstly go to Template:WLB. Check both the headers of the languages you need something translated from, and translated to. If you find a user that has the language proficiency you need and he/she is available, leave a message on their talk page or message wall. Beware though: even though they participate in this project, they are free to refuse your request. You're also allowed to ask two people for the same thing at the same time, but please notify them the other is working on it too, so that they don't overwrite each other's work.


  • This will improve the size and quality of foreign communities, and give smaller foreign wikis an activity boost.
  • With bi/multilingual users, it might help or strengthen the relationships between wiki families.
  • Making it an exchange of services, it will hopefully be fair and balanced out, with benefit for both parties.
  • By translating, "Brigadeers" will become more known among Wikia, possibly along with their wiki.


Alright, so far for introducing the Language Brigade! Feel free to leave your questions, comments, ideas and other stuff about this project below (: I am totally accepting any improvements on translations I made so far, as well as additional translations for parts that are not translated yet.

Do you feel like just supporting this project? I will probably soon be writing an English Template:WLB/Support for WLB supporters to put it in their profile.

YATTA ヽ( ° ヮ° )ノ


Since it isn't fully self-explanatory, as I was hoping, I also made a wiki for this project now at c:WLB. There, more detailed information and a couple of basic rules will be posted. Apart from that, I also made space there for some "general" translation requests pages per language, so that people who don't want to post on userpages, can just dump their requests there o3o. If the page doesn't exist yet, feel free to make one.

YATTA ヽ( ° ヮ° )ノ
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