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In case you're wondering, that one tab in the center is censored because it shows the name of my school.

Hello there, reader of this page! Today I would like to promote a new wiki of mine, the link of which is at the bottom of this blog. Well yeah, not exactly "new" because—

A Little History

—I actually created it all the way back on March 23, 2014. Forever ago honestly, and it's hopefully taking off at least almost five years after it's creation! Pretty crazy indeed — I lost interest in running it back in the day, but now I want to pick it up again and get this bad boy to grow.

What's this wiki about?

This wiki is primarily about Minecraft animations. Think of, for example, Black Plasma Studios, Element Animation, Slamacow, MrFudgeMonkeyz, etc. but also the various song animations, and everyone else of course. In addition, back in the day I — wrongfully — considered machinimas like ExplodingTNT, Orepros, GoldenArmor, ItsJerryAndHarry, etc. as animations as well. I've decided to not scrap them for this reboot. So you can make articles about those machinimas as well.

And since I've pretty much been expanding the wiki's topic to more video stuff than just animations, I've decided to allow articles about roleplay videos too. In short, this wiki doesn't just cover animations (despite the name) but all original / community-made Minecraft stories and projects in video form.

Any policies I should be aware of?

Yes. We haven't yet got that much rules yet, but I do have these guidelines though.

  • No articles about animations that depict sexual intercourse! I can already hear you thinking, "But Wither, people don't make those sex animations in Minecraft.". Well, they do. Type in "minecraft animations" on YouTube and scroll down. In no time, you'll come across a video thumbnail with naked people on top of each other. ... Yeah no, I don't want stuff like that on the wiki. No articles about those things.
  • Be on-topic. Don't create articles about Minecraft mods, resource packs or maps; this wiki is made for animations, machinimas and roleplays.
  • No articles about otherwise inappropriate content. If you are unsure about it, ask an admin about it. We will judge the content.

Speaking of admins ...

Is there anyone else on the wiki?

Currently, the only person on the wiki other than me is fellow administrator Davidgumazon.

How many pages are there?

Four. I know, it's not a lot. But I'll definitely be creating content pages, I promise. Please don't let the wiki's small size discourage you. Together, we can build this community, get it bigger and better and hopefully push it towards success.

Miscellaneous Info and FAQ

  • Talk pages or message walls/comments? Message Walls and Comments, though I'm also planning to set up various talk page systems for those who prefer it. Like a Forum:Index-esque communication system, as well as article talk pages.
  • JavaScript, CSS, Templates, Lua? Check, check, check and check.
  • When creating an article about a song animation video, it would be appreciated should you put in both the lyrics and the synopsis in the page.
  • The wiki has Achievements enabled and I'll get to requesting the Community page soon.
  • We don't explicitly cover YouTube projects. We're open to all Minecraft animations, machinimas and roleplay videos, wether it be from YouTube, Vimeo or something else.

That's all I have to say for now.

David and I would truly appreciate all help and new contributors! We'll be waiting for you right here, at the Minecraft Animation Wiki. =)

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