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I have here the outline of my Article of Presa from Tales of Xillia:




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|height=168 cm/5'6" 




|japanese=Rina Satou 

|english= Ali Hillis

Presa(プレザ Pureza) known as Presa of the Hundred Spells, is one of the major antagonists in Tales of Xillia. She serves as the spy for the Chimeriad under King Gaius. Her real name is Jill Lewin.




Presa, then named Jill, was born in Auj Oule. Her father was a Rashugal archeologist, and her mother was from Auj Oule. She had an ordinary life until her sixteenth birthday, when her parents didn't come home and instead Auj Oule soldiers came barging in her house, arrested her, and submitted her to harsh questioning. She learned that her father was in fact a spy, and that her mother was a traitor helping him. They abandoned her when they were discovered, and she resented them for that.

The Garbage Corps.

Jill was taken in by the Aktau tribe after that, and was made to work in the Rats. The Aktau tribe specializes in spy work, and the Rats are a special unit made exclusively of women, who use their charm and bodies to gather information. They aren't very well regarded, even within the tribe, and are often looked down upon in contempt. Her life there is miserable, but she finds friends in her colleagues.

Young Love

In Trames 2288, Jill was sent to Fennmont as a spy, using the alias Mink, and met Alvin. She tried to get close to him to get information out of him, and they started going out. Her life with him was peaceful, far from the stress of her missions, where failure could cost her and her comrades dearly, and she fell in love with him. Around half a year later, she decided to betray the tribe and revealed her identity to him. She answered all his questions honestly. Alvin disappeared not long after, and all her colleagues in Fennmont were discovered by Rashugal soldiers one after the other. She understood that Alvin had betrayed her and used the information he'd gained out of her. Hurt and angry, she managed to escape getting caught, and made use of the connections she had made through Alvin. She tricked countless nobles and soldiers into giving away classified information, and reported it all back to the Aktau tribe.

Meeting King Gaius

It is during that time that she met Agria, who targeted one of the nobles she was with at the time. She took Agria in and they worked as a team, spying on Rashugal for AUj Oule. Over time, King Gaius came to hear about her, and decided to seek her out in Trames 2290. She left the Rats and joined his personal guard, taking on the name Presa, the fang of the Chimeriad. By his side, Presa finally found peace and stability. She had, at last, found a place for herself.


Three years later, she was sent to Fennmont to assist Agria in stealing the Lance of Kresnik. The Lance's activation key was stolen by Milla Maxwell before she reached Fennmont, and she went after her to try and retrieve it. That is how she met Alvin again. Her anger and feelings of betrayal came back to her, but despite this, she realized that she still had feelings for him. Over the course of the journey, she started noticing that Jude Mathis and the others could understand him and offer him a place by their side where he could start recovering from his own issues. She also noticed that Alvin was too used to lies and betrayals to realize that.She trapped Milla at the Kijara Seafalls and recovered the key of the Lance of Kresnik (クルスニクの槍  kurusuniku no yari?) from her but did not care for it and tossed it aside. She interrogated Milla to find out what she knew about the weapon, only to be interrupted by Jude and Alvin, who saved Milla by shooting at a Greater Demon disguised as a rock, hoping it would make it mad. During the battle, she escaped to avoid the monsters wrath. She was later seen with her fellow Chimeriad ally Jiao and two other men overlooking the village of Ni Akera discussing her failure and planning their next move.  In Kanbalar, Presa arrives to report that Rashugal troops have attacked the town of Ha Mil and the citizens were frozen or captured. She attempts to stop Milla and her friends from escaping the city, During which she is joined by her superior Wingul and the two proceed to fight them. They lose and are left puzzled by some words by Rowen J. Ilbert  The two are later accompanied by Jiao as they fight against Milla and her friends again at Vyzabard. After the battle she was spared from being killed by Alvin because Jude told him to spare her, but she tells Jude he will regret that decision as she lied on the field. After the demise of Jiao, Presa along with Gaius, Agria and Wingul acted as a diversion to reclaim Gaius' castle and one of Exodus' airships. When he briefly joined them after Milla's death, she knew that he would turn his back on her again, but she didn't mind, because it would mean that he'd finally realize where his place was. She didn't hate him anymore, and was able to say goodbye to him with a smile, happy for him that he wasn't alone anymore – a feeling she had come to know and love when she found her place within the Chimeriad.[1] She and Agria have one final confrontation with the heroes at Ni Akera's Mountain as an insurance policy so that Gaius would not be disturbed while he was in the spirit world. Before the fight Alvin betrayed her for his true friends, however she expected this and did not hesitate to fight the party with Agria at her side. After being defeated, she regrets that she was unable to avenge her commrades, and as a result of an earthquake, the ledge she stood on broke off the mountain causing her to fall to her doom. 

Appearance and Personality

Presa has long light blonde hair and pink eyes, wears a revealing ninja outfit with a tail that reveals most of her skin and wears glasses. The kneecaps and armpads she has are designed like fox heads to symbolize her grace, beauty and intelligence. She has an alluring personality and mocks her enemies in and out of battle. When Alvin is involved she tends to lose her cool because she remembers how he sold her and her comrades out. She speaks with a seductive and soft voice.

Fighting Style

Presa has the ability to control spirits and uses a book and her 'tail' as weapons. She provides support as a healer and uses offensive magic. She uses Water-elemental spells like Splash and Diffusional Drive and has link artes with Wingul and Agria. She can also use the arte Guardian Field to heal herself and any ally of hers within range while dealing damage to her enemies. Other artes include Foxtail Allure to confuse her enemies and Queen's Torment to stomp her foes. Another arte, Dragonmare Claw, utilizes her spellbook to summon a dragon's claw from within the pages. Her arcane arte is Dragonmare Head which summons the head of a dragon spirit to breathe water and when in Over Limit, activates her Mystic Arte Dragonmare Brood which summons two dragon spirits to encircle and damage the enemy.


  • Many fans speculate Presa is a copy of Rita Mordio as both are spellcasters, both use books as weaopns and  both use artes that summon claws from said books.
  • Presa is known to be the water elemental of the Chimeriad.
  • After defeating the Exodus troops, Presa tells Jude that she was a receptionist at the Registrar's office at Talim Medical School and checked his personal information.
  • Though she does not show it, She and Agria were grieving over the loss of Jiao when he perished.


Come forth o mighty spirits, Dragonmare Brood! Enjoy your final breath.

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