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  • Winxfan1

    Presa Article

    December 17, 2013 by Winxfan1

    I have here the outline of my Article of Presa from Tales of Xillia:




    |game=Tales of Xillia

    |Japanese name=




    |height=168 cm/5'6" 




    |japanese=Rina Satou 

    |english= Ali Hillis

    Presa(プレザ Pureza) known as Presa of the Hundred Spells, is one of the major antagonists in Tales of Xillia. She serves as the spy for the Chimeriad under King Gaius. Her real name is Jill Lewin.

    Presa, then named Jill, was born in Auj Oule. Her father was a Rashugal archeologist, and her mother was from Auj Oule. She had an ordinary life until her sixteenth birthday, when her parents didn't come home and instead Auj Oule soldiers came barging in her house, arrested he…

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  • Winxfan1

    Admin Rights

    November 6, 2012 by Winxfan1

    Hello there. I am Winxfan1.

    I am here because I have started my own Tales wiki called Tales of Wikia and as founder, I would like to have admin rights there if that's okay with everyone. Well, here's hoping.

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