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UpnCbs06 UpnCbs06 8 June 2020

Why Discord is good for Fandom communities.

Discord has been used for many communities across Fandom as an alternative to the chat feature. Because of this, it is useful to have, if your community has a need for it. Using it has many benefits, which will be listed below.

I’m sure you’re going to ask, which is better?, and the answer to that depends on your personal preferences and interests. Fandom's chat feature is good for users who want a more localized chat platform. However, utilizing Discord can do a better job in connecting a particular community of fans with each other

Unlike Chat, Discord can be much more organized and clean, with the interface used being divided into channels and categories that can be used for different purposes (bot commands, off- and on-topic discussion, …

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UpnCbs06 UpnCbs06 20 February 2020

All editors welcome!

This is a wiki that I founded today. It will be purposed as a encyclopedia for material and characters from the 1993 halloween classic, Hocus Pocus. With this wiki, I plan to add more pages, however its growth should be expected to increase with more editing activity

Thanks for commenting and showing interest in editing here.

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UpnCbs06 UpnCbs06 26 November 2019

Please help out with this website.

Viacom Wiki is a website dedicated to the company and as you might’ve heard, CBS will also be eligible for adding. This website covers all of their properties and divisions and needs your help with adding pages, images, and other stuff that might make the site a better place for people to find stuff about this company, so please consider helping out and joining.

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