Update: I've created update threads for OldFontSize.css and OldOasis.css on my Message Wall.

I intend to post to those threads whenever I make any significant changes to either of the pages. If you'd like to be notified of any updates, please consider following the relevant thread for whichver code you're using.

This is mainly aimed at the people who are copy-pasting the CSS directly into their global.css pages, but people using @import copies are welcome to follow them as well if you want to know what else I'm putting into the code (particularly if I mess something up, so you've got a good idea of which update's the cause).

Makeshift CSS code scrapped together from Wikia's own CSS which reverts most of the layout changes Wikia made to Oasis on May 19th.

I say *mostly* because I'm not sure if there're any glitches in there -- the CSS code's definitely imperfect according to CSS Validator, but it gets most of the old look back as far as I can tell. Feel free to post improved versions if you can iron out the kinks, my brain's just about gone as of when I'm posting this.

Edit: User:Tone Float minified the code (many thanks for that)

To actually use the code, go to Special:MyPage/global.css and then paste one of the two codes below on the top of your global.css page depending on what you want:

  • For reverting the text size only:
@import url("");
  • For layouts and text size (work in progress):
@import url("");

Bugs noticed so far (OldOasis.css version):

  • When editing articles, half the actual edit space will be blank (fixed from Wikia's end, possibly?)
  • Alignment issues with name/display pictures when forum and wall posts are viewed from Special:Activity (fixed, I think)
  • Left column not filling up the blank space left behind from increased page width on dual-column homepages (fixed, I think)
  • White or coloured borders may appear on some wikis (fixed and completely removed on OldOasis.css)

Bugs for both versions:

  • .WikiaSiteWrapper elements including the top and bottom global navbars may bug out (appears to be a caching/refreshing issue, it fixes itself naturally)

Display issues considered Wikia's problem more than the CSS's:

  • The title for the "Popular Blog Posts" category is much larger than everything else (Wikia's currently given it the h3 heading style rather than h2)
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