• Tyson Kidd Fan

    Uhm, Hi

    January 30, 2012 by Tyson Kidd Fan

    So I've seen other member's introduction blogs, I've seen my friend Kira started one, so I figured I could.

    I only registered today, and I'm pretty new here. So far the two friends I have here is Jason (SheamusGoesHAM) and Akira (Kira JD Kidd). Me? I'm Layla (Tyson Kidd Fan). I've already told you I am new here.

    So what I do usually is watch as my 2 friends go on this site, but now that I have registered, I can now check out the site for myself. I post alot of blogs like this, so you should expect me to type in alot of crap in my blogs. See you later!

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