• TulipVorlax

    Today, someone asked me (sort of) how to know what to use to be able to modify the look of something using CSS. What to use as a selector. For me it's something so easy that every wiki admins on Wikia should know (if they really want to change the look of a wiki).

    But first, let me turn back in time and tell you how this was done (or how i was doing it) in the past.

    In the past, the only way i was using to know that sort of things was to look at the page source on the wiki. For general look you can use any normal page. But, there's also things you can style on specials pages or on the "edit mode". Here a screen capture of the source windows of IE8 (you have the same in almost all browsers) :

    In the source, you have to look for ID="something" o…

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