After some uses and feedback, it seems that the way templates are displayed currently in FCK is not user friendly, netheir advanced users friendly. I get the following problems :

  • User : "what is this yellow box ?"
  • User : "How can i change this content ? It doesn't appears anywhere..." (it's in this yellow box, lol)
  • Advanced user : "It is boring to right click when you need to modify a something insde a box."

With such a slution the best is not to use templetes anymore exept is a few cases (ie administration banners) . Yet some existing wikis already use templates a lot.

It's some time I'm thinking of a redesign of the boxes. I made an architectural proto in 5 min because I have to go (beurk text size...), yet tell me what you think about it.

Ttibot proposition fcktemplates

In an ideal it would also be possible to add in templates :

  • Description for fields (appear when you let the mouse on it or as grey text).
  • Use a display label in spite of the name of the parameter.
  • Specify if some parameters are rarely used and should be displayed in "more".

I'm willing to have a reflexion about it.

Hve a nice day.

--Ttibot 07:23, 4 July 2009 (UTC)

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