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"Well, well, well, a wiki dedicated to fan theories", you say? Even restricted to one fandom, that may sound like an insanely difficult task. After all, fans are coming up with new theories all the time. How will we keep up? Will we document every theory regardless of merit? What's the point? These are questions that may or may not be streaming through your mind right now (I know they come up in mine from time to time). They are legitimate questions, and I will attempt to answer them, justifying this whole fiasco for you and myself in this post. Oh yeah, and I'm going to be trying to convince you to jump on board while I'm at it ;)

First off, we do have some music to the madness. We have a process and rules for determining whether a theory gets documented, and whether it gets its own page or just a mention on the footnotes. We also have an extensive categories and a "level" system with templates in the works. At the highest levels, there are mainstream, sporadic, and unique theories. To be considered mainstream, a theory must have 10 documented mentions on the web from separate sources. To merit its own page, it must have at least three valid points in its favor. There are also the categories of  long-term/short-term, and Modern Doctor Who/Classic Who.

Right now we are trying to focus on documenting long-term mainstream theories, giving favor to those with roots in Classic Who. The short lived ones that are answered after one or two episodes can make due with a blog post and perhaps a mention on one of the level two pages. We have recently set ourselves the goal of completing five theories pages. These are: These are, namely "The Cartmel Masterplan and The Other", The Season 6B Theory, Omega Still Lurks, The Weeping Angels Are Time Lords, and (of course we couldn't resist this one) The Doctor Is A Manipulative Psychopath! In the future we will hold polls to decide which five to put special focus on, but at this time our community is simply not large enough to warrant that. Of course, anyone who wishes to may help develop these pages, but you are equally free and encouraged to contribute on any theory you like.

We recently got a new look, and we hope you like it! Any suggestions, comments, or even constructive criticisms on the wiki design are welcome. Aside from documenting theories (our main focus) our long term goals include further developing and refining our Plausibility Scale, building a strong and vibrant community, and setting up a classic style forum for people to relax and chat on. We want our community to be open and friendly, never cold or draconian.

Finally, what's the point? In answering this we might ask what the nature of a fan theory is. Well, basically it's an idea that is consistent enough with what has already happened that it could end up happening. This means that even if it's not being planned by the current showrunners right now, it will still be an option for them or someone else to retcon, if needed, and implement the idea later. That's the exciting thing; anything can happen eventually if it jives with the show enough. As fans, we want a deeper understanding of the world of the show, and theorizing gives us a way to approximate what the truth might most logically be in that show's universe, if it were real.  It will likely try to explain some odd or recurring detail, or some discontinuity. Maybe someday, if we connect enough threads, it will all come together and we will get a unified theory of Doctor Who! (the Long Day Gallifrey has an interesting dialogue going on) . Or, at the very least, it will make some good fodder for fan-fiction!.... If all this is not enough to convince you, consider the simple fact that things like this may be done merely for the fun of it. We endeavour to document ALL the theories because... WE CAN. And fan-theories are cool... like bowties.

So if we haven't scared you away yet, it is hoped that you will soon be seen lurking on our boards ascertaining the level of nuttery in our community while pondering the wisdom of getting involved in the whole thing by making an edit.

Good luck and happy sailing,

TrumpetofTheSwan (talk) TrumpetofTheSwan, creator and head admin of The Big Blue Box of Timelord Lore.  

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