My dearest, darling Wikians,

It is with a heavy heart that I must announce that today is my last day at Wikia. I've been with the Community Support Team since June 2011 and it has quickly grown to become my second home. I had a blast getting to know you all, and this community will always hold a fond place in my heart.

When I think about it, it's amazing how much I've learned here over the past two years. I came to Wikia being an avid wiki reader, but not a very confident editor. You guys really welcomed me with open arms and showed me the ropes and really helped me get my feet wet. I've had a blast hosting Google Hangouts, working on AMP with Brandon and just blogging about a day in life at the office! I'll especially miss hanging out with all you fine folks in chat.

It was an honor getting to know all of you, and I even had the pleasure of meeting few of you in person! Central is in good hands, as the current Admin and Chat Mod team is an amazing group of users who always go the extra mile to help others out. My tasks have been handed off to the rest of the Support team, so feel free to go to them with any questions.

If you want to keep in touch (and I hope that you do!), feel free to find me on twitter! I'll also be hanging out in the comments section all day, so feel free to stop by and leave a note!

Falkor and trellar

You guys rock! I'll miss you all! \o/



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