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My Little Pony Fan Labor Wiki getting promoted on!

One of the most common questions we encounter here on Wikia is "How do I attract more people to my wiki?" In the past we've posted some pretty sweet guides as well as created a space for wikis to ask others to join them. We would now like to introduce you to a new and exciting feature we hope will help your community grow and flourish!

Back in April, we redesigned the main page of to feature some of our most popular and interesting wikis. We always had the intention of opening the space up to anyone who wished to show off their wiki. Today we're pleased to announce our latest feature, Promote!

Promote allows any admin to submit their wiki to be featured on the main page of
AD Wiki

Promote submission tool

To do so, visit the admin dashboard on your wiki, then click the Promote button (or you can go directly to Special:Promote). Once there, simply upload an image that best represents your wiki, create a headline and a description, then hit publish! Your wiki will then be added to the promotion queue, and should appear within 2-4 business days, once is completes our review process.

Unlike Spotlight Requests, there are no minimum requirements for uploading your wiki to So if you have always wanted to be highlighted on, now's your chance! For a complete step-by-step guide please check out the help article.

Important things to know

  • This feature is currently only available for wikis that have been upgraded MediaWiki 1.19. Check out this blog post for more information.
    • If Special:Promote is not yet available on your wiki, please use Special:Contact to let us know what wiki you would like the tool on
  • All images must go through our approval process (hence the 2-4 business days wait time). You can check the status of your wiki by navigating back to the tool.
  • Monobook users, please keep in mind that in order to use this feature you must switch over to the main Wikia skin.
  • Please select an image to represent your wiki rather than an screenshot of your wiki.
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