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Timeoin Timeoin 19 January 2012

Thank you to Wikia Staff!

I would just like to publicly thank the Wikia Staff here.

Recently, my wiki, The Elder Scrolls Wiki went dark in protest to the SOPA/PIPA Bills, alongside the Call of Duty Wiki.

We experienced a little bit of a problem when doing so, with different users experiencing different reactions (some users could still see the site, others got a black site, others a white one, initially). I would like to thank the staff members, particularly Sansse, who helped Elchzard and myself work out what it was that we did wrong.

Know that it was very greatly appreciated :)

As for the bill itself - well, quite a number of senators and congress members in the US have actively switched their support of the bill to opposition of the bill, purely as a result of the i…

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