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Hey, this is Thisismyrofl, and it's time for Yet Another Chat Suggestion! However this time, I think it's something you'll all agree with.

Who hasn't had to deal with the torment of using an active wiki's chat and trying to use PMs? If there are lots of users on chat, you have to scroll down just to check if you have a PM... then scroll back up again to return to main chat!

An extremely simple fix would be to not scroll across the entire rail, but to only scroll on the userlist.

Before After
Chat PMs - Before Chat PMs - After
The PM list is below a giant userlist. The user must scroll down to reach it. The PM list is permanently visible and useful. The only scrolling is in the userlist.

By dragging the small triangle in the corner, the user can resize the PM list as he sees fit.

Installing a fix

I've found a tiny bit of CSS which changes the chat to function in the manner described, which is super useful.

Jerry-rigged always-visible PM messages.
Very useful on very-active chats like CC.
Otherwise to PM there is much scrolling back and forth.
#WikiChatList {
height:70%; /* Chrome users: recommended to use 40% instead */
#Rail {
#Rail h1.private {
display:block !important; /* Silver "Private Messages" bar always visible. This makes it clear that the above userlist is limited - and resizable. */
span.username {
resize:none !important; /* Fix odd Chrome bug: resizable span tags that should not be... */

To install, copy that to Special:Mypage/global.css (for use on all Wikia wikis) or Special:Mypage/wikia.css (for use on this wiki only). If either page does not exist, simply create it.

Chrome users

There is an issue with Chrome: it will not resize text areas to be smaller than the originally specified size. That's OK, but it means that you should make a tiny change. Switch height:70% under #WikiChatList to height:40% or so. That will make the userlist smaller: I think you'd prefer to have a larger userlist, but if you make it small originally then you can feel free to resize it to be as large as you want, and Chrome's defect would only impede you if you tried to make it even smaller than 40%... not likely.

Internet Explorer users

The click-and-drag resize functionality does not appear to work in even the most recent release of this browser. Sorry - you might not want to use this code.

I really think this behaviour should be the default! =\ This tiny bit of CSS has made my life so much easier. Until it's made official, we can stick to this.

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