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Hey! This is Thisismyrofl, a former administrator of Community Central. I had an idea for a way we could help new users find pages on their wiki. "How do I find Special:Listusers on my wiki?" is a common question - it seems like such a simple thing to a pro, but for new users sometimes it'd just be easier to give a clickable link.

This came to my mind when I was writing my earlier blog about infoboxes (you should totally check it out btw!). I can link to the page Template:Infobox on this wiki, Community Central, but if I'm instead discussing the equivalent page on the reader's wiki, which I don't universally know the URL of, I could only give a flimsy "Template:Infobox on your wiki[footnotes 1]" with a link to a footnotes section:


  1. A number of times, this page refers to pages on your wiki, such as "Template:Infobox on your wiki". I don't know what your wiki is, so I can't directly link to it.
    If you're having trouble finding the correct page, just go to <yourwiki><page> by typing it in your browser's address bar.
    Or just click the link to go to the equivalent page on Community Central, then edit the URL so that is substituted with your wiki's URL: for example

I ended up doing this multiple times in one blog, which was kinda awkward. Even worse, when it was time for the user to create a new infobox, I left the decision of the template name to them... and then I couldn't even link to the equivalent page on this wiki!

I thought there must be a better way.

A possible solution

I got to thinking, what if I could link to, perhaps, Special:Yourwiki/Template:Infobox, or w:c:yourwiki:Template:Infobox (neither of which functions at this time), where the user would be prompted:

You've been linked to a page on your wiki
You've been linked to the page Text-field &quot;Template-Infobox&quot; on your wiki.

My wiki: http:// Text-field

Button field

If the user is from w:c:wolfenstein, then they could type "wolfenstein" in the second field and be taken to c:wolfenstein:Template:Infobox. Or, they could modify the predetermined text "Template:Infobox" to be directed to any page on the wiki: perhaps c:wolfenstein:Template:Infobox Enemy.

The specifics could vary, but I think it'd be great to have some way to help users easily get to the equivalent page on their wiki. We could always pester Staff to get something like this implemented. What do you think?

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