Here, we can discuss what do you want to make the Oasis skin better! Here are some of my ideas.

User Profiles

Updates for the user profile pages go here.

Masthead (Profile Header)

1. Fix the typo:

37 edits since joining this wiki
24 August 2011
What looks wrong? The text is supposed to look like:
37 edits since joining this wiki on
24 August 2011

2. Make the favourite wiki limit to 8 wikis.

3. Change "Profile" to "User Page" and "Talk page" to "Talk Page".

Right Rail

1. Make "Pages I'm Following" on the top and chat on the bottom.

2. Make a "Latest blog posts" section, which shows 3 or 5 latest blog posts.

Wikia Bar

1. Add "My Blog" in the user menu.

2. Make it customizable by admins.

Special Pages

1. Make Special:Following seperated into two sections. If you visit the page, by using plain URL (e.g. .../wiki/Special:Following) make it to display your followed pages. If you define a target (e.g. .../wiki/Special:Following/RandomTelinc200, .../wiki/Special:Following/Sannse) you will be able to view all of the user's followed pages, but not to remove them.

2. Create Special:MastheadCustomize. That will be a masthead editor, visitable only by bureaucrats (not plain admins). Make it so it can edit texts, it can move things. Create style templates, which will be customizable brand-new versions of the masthead etc.

I hear your feedback!
Everyone! Thanks for all of your comments! I will try to think some more things, that would make Oasis a very good skin! In the meantime, you can suggest something!
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