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Bureaucrats are like the Executive Board of the Wiki

Bureaucrats are like the executive board of a wiki,they manage the wiki and promote others to help them.Like many "boards" you cant demote a Bureaucrat unless you are the powers above(Wikia Helpers and Staff) or unless the Bureaucrat demotes him/herself.On a wiki there is little need for lots of Bureaucrats as they are just required to promote or demote user's user rights by Special:UserRights.

How to become a Bureaucrat

If you feel you need the user right Bureaucrat then here are some top tips on becoming a Bureaucrat.

  1. You automatically get Bureaucrat rights when you found a wiki
  2. Don't ask for the Bureaucrat rights,earn them by helping out your wiki's community
  3. Work together with the current Bureaucrats and your actions may not go unnoticed
  4. Don't go round collecting Admin and Bureaucrat rights on other wikis,this will make the Bureaucrats of the wiki untrustworthy of you and you may even lose your current rights

What can I do as a Bureaucrat

  1. You can as I explained demote admins and rollbacks or yourself using Special:UserRights.
  2. If a bot is unneeded on a wiki you can also remove its flag using Special:UserRights.
  3. That is pretty much it though all these powers are on top of Admin Powers.

How to be a good Bureaucrat

These tips will help you become a popular and trusted Bureaucrat in your wiki community.

  1. Promote/Demote wisely,I suggest having a community vote before and Demotions or Promotions take place.
  2. Don't abuse your powers,you have the power to remove admins and rollback's power don't abuse this by demoting someone because the upset you or you don't like them

Hope this Helps :) --Tama63

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