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A Mock up of a Profile with the Report Button

Reporting Users discreetly has always been a problem since if someone reports another user's "friend" to an admin, they are likley to get abuse from from that "friend".Thats why I am suggesting a simple system of a report button implemented on User Profiles so new wiki editors and users who whish to do discreetly can report easily.

My suggestion in a nutshell

  1. A User would click on the report button of the user they wish to report
    Report User 1

    Figure 1

    Report Noti

    Figure 2

  2. A Pop up box would appear asking for a reason would appear( see figure 1)
  3. The User would then click confirm
  4. An Admin would get a pop up (see figure 2)
  5. They would then be taken to a Special Page where they can manage reports (see Below)

The Report Handaling Area

When an admin logs on a message bubble will appear (see figure 2),they
Report Dash
would be taken to a page with a section for Closed and Open reports as well as an area explaining who they VSTF and Staff are.There would be links to the reporting user and the reported users pages for blocking them,their talk and most importantly their Contributions.If it appears this is across many wikis there would be a button to pass this on to the VSTF, however if there is something else eg rude avatar then there would be an option to pass this onto Wikia Staff.

Admins may choose to:

  • Claim and Handle the Report
  • Reject the Report
  • or close it after its been solved

I've got this Idea from a Forum where I am a moderator --Tama63 15:55, September 27, 2011 (UTC)

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