I am quite unhappy Moderator (Flugmented aka trilogy) & Moderator (EdwardBloxy aka DoodleBaldiBFB/Filthy Pewds) & misuse of moderator power and lack of knowledge on my edits on Wikitubia-Seelmaru (The Youtube Wiki).


Moderator (Flugmented aka trilogy)

I was editing on this page "Wikitubia-Selmaru", my editing was reverted by (Flugmented aka trilogy), also this person deleted my editing on the page.

Moderator (EdwardBloxy aka DoodleBaldiBFB/Filthy Pewds)

I was editing on this page "Wikitubia-Selmaru" again, my editing was reverted by Moderator (EdwardBloxy aka DoodleBaldiBFB/Filthy Pewds) and also he blocked my freedom of comment on this page. This made me sick.


I used to trusted "Fandom" alot, I made contribution to "Super Animal Royale" on Gamepedia. If I edit and put true information on Wikitubia, because of this incident I kinda lost trust to "Fandom". "Fandom Staffs" should not just pick random unintelligent people to become Moderator, this will make no peace and harmony to "Fandom". I hope this will never happen in the future. I am quite pissed right now!!! >:(

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