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    Sigh. I wish I was posting about something more uplifting and fun. Instead, I need to write this in my best Hulk voice:


    Randomly smashing things wouldn’t help here, so I’ll try to explain what’s happening and how you can help. This is me still in Hulk mode, but with glasses on.

    Who do you think should be responsible for an edit on a wiki? Or a post in Discussions?

    This is not a trick question. And if you’ve been a part of FANDOM for a while you would probably answer:

    The entire wiki community has a shared responsibility for keeping the content up to date and well organized. Similarly with Discussions, we’re all responsible for keeping the conversations interesting and civil.

    But it’s the user making the …

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    Caching Explained

    March 27, 2013 by TOR

    If you’ve been at Wikia for a while, chances are you’ve heard about caching. If you have written into Wikia Support with a bug report, you’ve probably been asked to “clear cache”, or told that something is a “caching issue”. In this blog post I’ll explain what cache is and how it makes your wiki faster on various levels.

    Caching is, to put it simply, storing any kind of information close at hand, so that it can be retrieved faster. What does that mean, exactly? Here’s an example:

    When you type the address of your wiki into your browser (or click a link), your browser will download the contents of the page, and all related JavaScript files, styling information and images. Now, when you go to a different page on the same wiki, your browser wou…

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    MediaWiki Upgrade

    June 12, 2012 by TOR

    As you may or may not know, Wikia uses MediaWiki as our base software. This is the same base software that the Wikimedia Foundation uses for Wikipedia, but here at Wikia we run a heavily modified version of it. Currently we’re using code based on MediaWiki version 1.16.

    From time to time, we sync our version with the latest MediaWiki version, which as of May 2, 2012, is up to version 1.19.

    First of all: to bring you new features!

    But also because every new release contains many bug fixes and performance improvements. Most of these are changes happening under the hood which are not visible to users, but help us maintain our MediaWiki installation and expand.

    We started with a clean MediaWiki 1.19 and gradually applied our changes to the core co…

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    Hello, Wikians! Can you guess what happened in our office last week? Sure, we got new bean bags... but the bigger news is that our engineers and server admins met for the Wikia Tech All Hands event.

    In an unprecedented concentration of techiness, the Wikia Technical Team gathered for a week-long summit at our development center in Poznań, Poland. Here are some highlights from the event:

    If you’ve ever tried to read a handwritten note, you know how difficult it can be to decipher another person’s scribbling. There’s a similar problem with codes — when a bunch of different people code, the results can be messy and hard to follow. At All Hands, we worked on a method to streamline writing code, which will hopefully result in a better, faster, an…

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    One of the fun things about working at Wikia is that, whatever the topic of the conversation, I get to say "Yeah, we have a wiki on that". Seriously, every time (well, almost). It can get annoying, perhaps, but my friends have already gotten used to the phrase and my colleagues at the Polish office don't seem to even fake surprise anymore when I utter it...

    So this blog is going to be on just that – reminding myself and you that we have a wiki on just about every topic imaginable. And then some.

    I've been meaning to start this for some time now, but had to wait for inspiration until tonight, whan I caught The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe on TV. Now, you must know, that I am a huge fan of The Chronicles of Narnia. Sadly, I never got to rea…

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