Hi, it’s Sundew73!

I’ve created a wiki, and I’d love help building the wiki!

The link will lead to the home page. The home page will include news, important articles, and recommend. It may also include new or featured articles.

This wiki is about the tribe MudWings, from Wings of Fire written by Tui T. Sutherland. Our community will focus on MudWings, and try to give them more love. We will have pages about canon MudWing characters and settings, as well as a place to create fanon characters and settings, and a place to share theories about MudWings. You might also play some games to do with MudWings, or just have fun.

Anyone can help out, by typing out pages of your MudWing OCs and canon characters, and sharing opinions and theories about MudWings.

You might want to join the wiki to share your ideas and opinions. Don’t be shy, join if you wish!

What I have in mind for the future of the wiki, is to let it become somewhere to love MudWings-somewhere to be with users who share your love for MudWings.

I created this wiki, because I found that MudWings do not seem to get too much love. I want them to get some love, from users who think they are great. I also want a place, where users can join and chat about MudWings. And that place may be MudWings Wiki.

So, come with me on a mission to help MudWings. We can make the wiki awesome.

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