Sundew73 here again!

Hi, me and my friend, WFloverblob are in Fiction Stories Wiki, a wiki I created.

The link above will lead to the home page, and will include news, important articles and more.

Fiction Stories Wiki welcomes all fiction stories, including fanfics. You can create a sequel, or a stand alone story. Everyone is welcome! We would love for you to type short or long stories, sad or happy stories.

You can help out, by typing stories and sharing them to the community.

You might join because you want to be an author in the future, or already is an author. Maybe you just want to chat with people and share your stories.

In the future, I am hoping for a community with many stories, full of interesting topics for everyone.

I created the wiki, because I myself want to be an author. An author who writes fiction stories.

Do you want to share stories? Help the wiki, and join!

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