Wiki Modernization is ensuring that FANDOM is a modern digital experience that provides the right content at the right time, is easy to navigate, and delivers a better experience for both users and advertisers. To help readers discover great content, we’re excited to announce a revamped Fan Feed that showcases content from your wiki, Discussions, and FANDOM News and Stories.

Image of current EN Fan Feed

The current Fan Feed on an English community.

English communities have had the Fan Feed at the bottom of wiki articles for some time. This list of recommended articles has helped readers find more content on the site. Tomorrow, we are releasing a new look and a more interesting content mix to the English Fan Feed.

New Mixed Content Footer EN

The new Fan Feed.

Since its introduction, the Fan Feed has showcased a mix of FANDOM editorial articles. The new update combines a variety of wiki content. International Fan Feeds won’t include editorial content since it is not currently available in non-English markets, but it still shows a lot of interesting and related wiki content. A smart algorithm chooses which articles, Discussions or other wikis can be interesting for you.

The new Fan Feed includes:

  • Wiki Articles. You will find an interesting mix of wiki articles from the wiki you are visiting and other related wikis to discover even more community content.
  • FANDOM News & Stories. There will be a fresh new mix of interesting FANDOM News & Stories articles and Topic Cards, to explore your favorite genres.
  • Discussions. If a community has Discussions enabled, you will find its latest posts in the Fan Feed. Therefore the Top Discussions footer module will be disabled shortly after the release of the new Fan Feed.
  • Wiki Videos. On wikis with Featured Videos on any of its pages, you will be able to identify articles with Featured Videos in the Fan Feed. Any international wikis that have Featured Videos also display some of them in the Fan Feed. Those articles are given special visual treatment.
  • Spotlights. Spotlights will now be displayed in the Fan Feed, rather than their own unit under the wiki article. You can find Spotlights at the bottom of the Fan Feed.
  • Read more. These recommendations will no longer be positioned in the article section and will move into the Fan Feed.
  • Sponsored content. Sponsored content may appear in the feed, but no more than one sponsored piece of content can appear at a time.

This update gives readers the opportunity to find all types of FANDOM content, with wikis at the forefront, like never before. If you have any questions about the new Fan Feed, let us know!

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