SlyCooperFan1 SlyCooperFan1 21 July 2018

How to Merge Two Files

I've run into many situations where an editor tries to replace an old image by uploading to a brand-new filename instead of just reuploading to the old filename. The obvious solution here is to merge the two images together. I've wondered for years how to merge images, and there's no easy solution available by simply searching. I accidentally stumbled upon the method today, and I wanted to share it with you all in case it might help some fellow admins in the future!

Suppose we have two images you want to merge. File:Image1.jpg is the one you want to show only in the history. File:Image2.jpg is the one you want to have as the latest, and to show in articles.

  • Go to File:Image1.jpg and delete it. Yes, delete it.
  • Rename File:Image2.jpg to File:Image1.…

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SlyCooperFan1 SlyCooperFan1 19 August 2016

Acepedia's 10th Anniversary

It's Acepedia's 10th anniversary today!! Ten years ago, our founder made the first edit on the wiki, and since then we've grown to become the best and largest Ace Combat encyclopedia on the internet!

I thought today, of all days, would be perfect to make a blog post on Community Central to promote the wiki and introduce you guys to it :D

Ace Combat is a arcade flight action series. In most cases, the games see you taking control of a varied selection of aircraft as you try to turn the tide of a war. Most of the games take place in an alternate universe known as Strangereal, with different countries and landmasses than ours. The games are also very well-known for their fictional aircraft designs, rich story-telling, and massive superweapon ba…

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SlyCooperFan1 SlyCooperFan1 3 September 2015

Say goodbye to your Google ranking

In case you haven't been informed, which most of us weren't, mobile browsing on any Wikia wiki has been updated to the new "Mercury" skin. It follows the same format as the Game Guides app, and was already the default for people who weren't logged in. Now, even if you're logged in, you'll have the Mercury skin. For more info on that, click here.

However, it's come to my attention that Wikia decided to pull a stupid move like most other "mobile-friendly" websites. Occasionally, you'll get a full-page advertisement that blocks the entire content and asks you to do something (like, in my case, pre-order Destiny: The Taken King Legendary Edition).

I'm not going to even get into Wikia's greed concerning how many annoying advertisements they try to…

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