Hello FANDOM council

I am here to plead for the restoration of my deleted wiki

The fandom is part of a small niche that was meant to generate interest in history matters on this wiki creating site. I agree that I put too much restrictions for such an early wiki to generate interest and will correct that. Those rules where put in place so to avoid vandalism on articles of such an era that historical revisionists love to sabotage to propagate ideologies (just look at Wikipedia for such cases). They were also put in place in the hope of being one day recognized by scholars as reliable for its professionalism and by the public as a source of trusthworthy, unbiaised, source-based information to fuel their curiosity about the 19th century. I was unexpectedly busy following the early days of the wiki and so had to stop contributing to it for a time. Plus, the current pandemic meant that I was cut from sources that could have helped me add more content. I am now free to contribute to it again if you are willing to restore to what is was, images and everything. In exchange I, as the creator of said wiki will:

A) Loosen the strict rules to allow unregistered users to contribute

B) allow tertiary sources to be used by a temporary measure that will stay in place at least until they are enough active users to safeguard the wiki from misinformation.

C) Any extra measure one of you would demand as a condition for its declosure. 

To the pleasure of contributing further more to this great site


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