If you like Wikianswers but feel your question can get lost in the mix... or you wish you could ask more in depth questions... then why not start your own Answers site!

You can now create your own specialized Answers site on Wikia. An Answers site allows you to ask and answer questions on a topic you're passionate about. You might want to create a site as a companion to your wiki, or share knowledge on any other topic - find out more, or become known as the expert!

Check out these examples:

These sites use the same software as other sites on Wikia, but are customized for this specific use. This means that the extensions, tools and features you see on Wikia wikis might not be available on Answers sites.

We have added a new feedback tab, which you can see on the right hand side of every page - we'd love to get your feedback there on what you'd like to see added, any bugs you're encountering or anything you're enjoying about using the site!

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