Hello everyone!

My name is Sebastian, and I'm an active contributor/admin on the Lessa Wiki.

You've probably seen me around the forums, asking for help on templates and participating in general merrymaking. When I'm not derailing threads, I'm usually editing Lessa Wiki, a site I adopted at the start of the year.

The wiki's aim is to provide detailed information about all aspects of the Lessa Manhwa, from the characters and chapters, to the world and weaponry. The first two seasons have been officially translated on Line Webtoon, with a third season being released in Korean, on Naver.

We're aiming to transform our site into a comprehensive guide for all things Lessa and build a community around this wonderful series. So far, the wiki has had a major redesign (massive thanks to @RickGT, @JoePlay and @Andrewds1026, for making all of this possible), giving it a cleaner appearance, with all the main pages categorised, organised and tabbed, for easy navigation. Currently, the wiki has a total of 348 pages and 3,831 edits.

About Lessa
Lessa is a Fantasy/Action Korean Manhwa written and illustrated by POGO. The current season is being published every Tuesday on Naver. The Webcomic follows the journey of Rano, a young man who lost his Mother in a Deman (a compound of Demon and Human) attack five years ago, at the time of the incident his sister Lucy also disappeared, and he's spent the last five years searching for her, along with his friend and doctor Young-sam, archaeologist Miena, researcher Yuzuru and Lessa a God looking for redemption. The group set off to find out the truth of what happened to Rano's sister and rescue her, before it's too late, battling Gods, Demans and Renegade Angels along the way.

The series draws on aspects of Egyptian mythology, astrology and theology to create a series that is both beautifully drawn and wonderful to read. Although, the series isn't a comedy, there are several wonderfully cute moments that will have you laughing out loud.

How you can help
Being the only active contributor on the wiki, we require a few contributors to help by:

  • Adding information to blank article sections.
  • Expanding information on articles marked stubs.
  • Creating missing/wanted pages and articles.

Or if you're feeling brave, by taking on a handful of tasks on the colossal to do list on my profile at Lessa wiki. It's really not as bad as it looks.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, if you would like to contribute then thank you, I appreciate all the help I can get. If you want to read the series, you can find links to the official English translation on our main page, as well as links to the Lessa Amino.

If anyone has any questions regarding this blog, then feel free to leave a comment below, or message me via my message wall.

Let's all have fun, editing and building this wiki. I look forward to seeing you around. :)


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