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Sarah Manley Sarah Manley 21 June 2011

Try the New Wikia Editor

Over the past couple of months, we have been working to re-design the Wikia editing interface. I am happy to announce that as of today, the revamped editor is available for testing in Wikia Labs. Wikia Labs is located on every wiki at Special:WikiaLabs (more info). If you are an admin, you now have the option to test the editor on your wiki. If you are not an admin, you can test the new editor on the Community Test or the Wikia Labs wikis.

We've reworked the layout and design of the editor from the ground up, so there are many changes across the board, including improvements to both the visual and source mode editing. The main changes you will see are:

  • The media features have been moved from the top toolbar to the right rail. Note: Unless you …

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Sarah Manley Sarah Manley 26 September 2013

Farewell Wikians

Hello Wikians,

Four years ago to almost the day I joined Wikia, and in my time here I’ve survived product releases, MediaWiki upgrades and many, many hours of working on templates. Today I’d like to say thank you to all those that have helped me learn here - whether it’s a blog comment, a message on my wall or an email, I’ve appreciated the support, openness and enthusiasm within the Wikia community. I’ve grown a TON here and now am ready for my next adventure. My last day as Wikia Staff will be this Friday September 27th.

I’ve been continually impressed by the dedication of Wikians to their communities and amazed by the support I’ve received from both staff and users. Over the years I’ve built out our webinar series, created how-to videos, …

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Sarah Manley Sarah Manley 9 September 2013

New Theme for Community Central

Today you may notice something is a bit different here on Community Central - a new theme, wordmark and main page design! We're happy to unveil this new design, which incorporates a fresh new look along with our official Wikia brand colors.

This skin is designed with Darwin in mind, and draws attention to the goal of Community Central: conversation. Users collaborate to answer each others questions, come together to learn about new features and join others in chat about their favorite wikias here. Community Central is a place for long time Wikians and our newest members to gather, and we hope this design encourages even more great conversation.


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Sarah Manley Sarah Manley 4 September 2013

Licensed Video Swap

Have you ever watched a video online, thought it would be great for your wiki, added it and then come back the next day only to find that the video has been taken down due to copyright issues? This happens often with videos from sites like YouTube, where the content is not properly licensed. To offer you another solution, we’ve created Wikia Video, which contains 100% licensed and high quality videos for you to use on your community.

This week we’ve released another tool to make it easier for you to replace your non-licensed videos with our licensed videos—Licensed Video Swap (LVS). This is a new tool that allows admins to quickly swap videos from outside providers to the same (or very similar) video that exists on Wikia Video. How does thi…

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Sarah Manley Sarah Manley 3 June 2013

Join us for Google Hangout today

Hello All!

I'm excited to announce that we will be hosting our second live Google+ Hangout on Air at 4pm PDT today. This hangouts's topic is using Social Media (specifically Twitter) to help promote and grow your Wikia community.

Myself, along with Wikia staff members and Nate Blonkenfeld will be live on-camera offering tips and tricks, as well as responding to your questions!

Prior to our hangout, feel free to post questions here on what you would like to see covered. You can also tweet your questions to @Wikia_Community on Twitter now or during the session.

The video is embedded here and will be begin playing live at 4pm PDT today. You can also watch it directly from our Wikia Youtube page.

Update: Here is a recording of our hangout. The sound…

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