Hi, I'm Sannse, part of Wikia's Community Support Team. As part of supporting communities, I visit a lot of wikias. Here are a few of my favorites:

The PPC wikia

The Protectors of the Plot Continuum wikia is a fascinating place. It's all about the world of a fictional society that finds bad fanfiction (badfic) and goes into those stories to fix them. So it's a wikia about fanfiction about fanfiction - I hope I've described that correctly!

The wikia is well written, and documents an amazingly complex and thought out world. It's one of those rare places that take such a hold that you have to click one more link. Until you find yourself lost in stories featuring song lyrics and another hour has past! I can't recommend this wikia enough.

Tardis Data Core

Tardis, the Dr. Who wikia, contains my single favorite article. I love that there's an article about sausages just as they relate to Dr. Who. That says everything about the depth of content available on so many wikias.

I also admire Tardis for their efforts to evangelize through connections with other wikias. My favorites are the wonderful video tutorials for Dr Who nails on the Nail Polis Wiki (especially those Weeping Angels nails) and the Christmas food on the Recipes Wikia. This sort of cross-wikia content is a great way to promote your wikia in a way that not only doesn't offend the other community, but actually helps grow that one too.

Star Wars Fanon

As part of Community Support, it's not surprising that I often visit wikias because there is some sort of problem there. Star Wars Fanon was a wikia that I spent a lot of time working with when I first joined Wikia. It was definitely a troubled wikia then, but is very far from one now! It was one of the first fanon wikias around, and is still a successful and productive community with great content. And of course, after the wikia calmed, it became the home of another of the Support staff, Brandon Rhea.

Bus Transport in Hong Kong

I chose this wikia for the same reason that the Tardis' page about sausages is my favorite article. It's a wikia on a tiny and specialized topic, buses in Hong Kong, and yet it has an active community with almost 11 thousand articles and more than 55 thousand images! To me, this personifies what Wikia is all about - your passions. Wikia is open to all, whether you want to spend your time writing about Star Wars, psychology or bus routes. I love that.

What wikias do you love?

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