I'm creating this as a space for those who want to talk about today's changes to remove Monaco as a preference. We don't have an exact time for the change -- but it's likely to be after 10am Poland time.

There will be more blog posts to come about the changes, and we have all your feedback and comment from the past posts (as well as from email and talk pages).. but I can see that some want to talk to each other right now, and this post is to give an area for that.


User preferences for all English users has now been updated and the skin tab has been removed. The option to choose the New Look or Monobook (as well as show/hide ads), can be found on the user profile tab.


I've removed some very abusive comments(directed at other users or at staff) and some of the blank, repeated or spammy comments. Criticism is allowed here of course, but please don't turn that in to personal attacks. Thanks.

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