A few months ago we introduced you to FANDOM's Community Video Program, where admins and users on communities with Featured Videos can participate in the production process by writing and reviewing scripts. A number of communities are already involved, and this collaboration is a great example of what can be done when we partner with community members. It combines FANDOM's video resources and the scriptwriter or reviewer's intimate knowledge of the subject to produce a unique and informative video for anyone wanting a quick overview of the topic.

For example, did you know that Cartman from South Park is so evil that he once made Scott Tenorman eat chili made from his parents? Or did you know that Jotaro Kujo from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders is the third "Jojo" in his family's line, and that Chun-Li from Street Fighter is a master of Chinese Kempo?

You can learn all of that and more from user-scripted Featured Videos on South Park Archives and Heroes Wiki.

We introduced you to Jamesb1 last year as the author of our first community-scripted video, Kenny McCormick. He loved what he called the "fascinating" video writing process so much that he followed it up with an Eric Cartman script! James loved that he was creating something that will last for years. It was also fun for him to see the credit line under the video. It only took a couple of hours to write the script, no doubt shortened by his own impressive knowledge of South Park. Other admins on South Park Wiki were involved in giving feedback for the final version of the script.

AlexHoskins from Heroes Wiki wrote the scripts for Chun-Li and Jotaro Kujo, and he is one of many users who have recently started to participate in this program.

"Who is Jotaro Kujo?" by AlexHoskins
Writing a video can be pretty different from writing a longform wiki article. It's tricky to get all of that information into such a short space, but with the right angle and the creativity shown by users like James and Alex, the result is an informative and entertaining video for viewers. On South Park Archives, for instance, James' video got great feedback from the community, and his fellow users are keen for more. Viewers love them too; Kenny McCormick and Eric Cartman both have a "thumbs up" rating of nearly 85%, while Jotaro Kujo has a whopping 100% positive sentiment!

Though the skill may be different from writing a longform article, we have no doubt that the community is brimming with this talent—and we're here to help you cultivate it and work with you. We are currently accepting submissions from any wikis in the Top 100 on WAM. If your wiki is in that group, you can apply to be a script writer using this form. If you would prefer to review FANDOM-written scripts rather than writing your own, you are welcome to apply for that via Special:Contact.

Got any questions about FANDOM's Community Video Program? Let us know in the comments!

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