It's now been a month since we fully released Wikia's new skin. In that time we have been gathering data on how it's being used across Wikia, and talking to individuals and communities about the changes. Many of you may have seen that we are also using A/B testing to see how we can tweak areas of the skin to improve it further. We've been adding this data to all of your feedback from the beta testing and beyond, and working on various bug fixes, changes, and ideas for the future.

This week we added an improvement to the display of extra-wide tables. Instead of them being covered by the right sidebar, wide tables are now expandable via a light-box to the full width of the page. There are a few teething troubles with buttons showing more often than they should, but those should be fixed soon.

One of the next things planned is to expand the "My Tools" customization, and allow you to add custom links to the bar itself as well to the My Tools menu. This will give you instant access to whatever links you personally use most. Look out for more about this in the New Year.

We have also been reviewing the guidelines for CSS and other customizations on wikis. The page explaining the policy has been changed to give more examples, and to show more clearly what is and isn't allowed. We have relaxed some of the guidelines, and are making more features optional -- including the image attribution link and the two latest additions: Related Pages and Category Thumbnails. We will continue to review this policy over time, and as new features are released.

As always, thanks for all your feedback, and please keep watching the blog for more updates.

Update: The excess wide-table buttons have been removed. The button now only appears if the table is wider than the content area (previously it was "as wide or wider"). And we've added a new CSS class so that it can be manually added to any table that you want to be expandable. Just add
to the table via source mode
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