First of all, I've written this countdown for my wiki at the very beginning because the "official" one suggested by Wikia isn't cool to fit in the Chinese language. (We don't have commas in the date/time!)

You may use this timer to do a vivid countdown on an upcoming event, the release date of a new game or episode or movie or the remaining time of the ongoing activities.


Sammylau Countdown
As the name suggests, it's a countdown timer. It's simple and it works. It got a dynamic flipping effect!


  • You have to be an admin of the wiki
  • Insert the code into the MediaWiki:common.js page of your own wiki: (or extend it with proper syntax if you already using some plugins)
		type: "script",
		articles: [""]
	}, {
		type: "style",
		articles: [""]


Insert the following code in Source mode editor where you want the timer to appear:

<span class="countdown">2013-04-12T14:00:00+08:00</span>

The time value should be a time in the near future. Format like the one above. The last part is the timezone offset.

You may insert multiple countdown timers into the same page.

The timer will display 00 00 00 if the time set is past.

Making as Template

If you want to make the timer more accessible for your wiki users, you may add it as a Template after the setup process. You can have an example here by Warframe Wiki.


This countdown function can only count less than 100 hours.


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