Severus Snape, one of the most popular supporting characters in the "harry potter" series, fans know all about him.

He was a gifted wizard, not only good at the dark arts, potions, charms, etc.Even Sirius commented that at the age of eleven he knew more spells and jinxes than most seventh years.In particular, he invented a number of popular incantations during his school years, such as hanging the golden bell upside down, sectumsempra, and listening with muffler plugs.

It can be said that Snape's talent and achievements in potions are not at all inferior to potions, but why did Snape choose to become a professor of potions rather than a professor of potions when he became a teacher at Hogwarts?

First, according to seniority

The master of the four Hogwarts houses, Snape, is not only the youngest, but also the most junior.He joined Hogwarts in 1981, almost after Voldemort's first annihilation.

The other three had been at Hogwarts for at least a dozen years before Snape arrived, notably phillius flitwick, dean of ravenclaw and professor of charms.

In the first two harry potter films, professor flitwick was portrayed as a balding, grey-bearded "little old man" who was no older than professor McGonagall.Arguably the most senior of the four heads of house, he was in charge of charms, a subject that even a charms genius wouldn't dare compete with.

Second, duel ability

Admittedly, Snape is definitely in the top tier of wizards, but he's probably more of a scholar-type wizard than a duelist.He had a large number of spells, none that he did not know how to break.

However, he doesn't seem to be good at one-on-one matches with wizards, especially when it comes to dueling masters.Snape had met flitwick several times and had failed.Although Snape is suspected of releasing water, he was once the world's number one dueling wizard.

Therefore, to be a charms teacher is not only to master a large number of spells, but also to be a top dueling master.

Third, omnipotent substitute teacher

Although Snape was the potions teacher of his day, he was so well versed in so many areas that he often substituted for other teachers.

For example, he was a substitute for defense against the dark arts, teaching harry how they dealt with the boggart.Snape had also substituted charms for flitwick, leading the class to a duel in which harry and malfoy fought their first duel of their lives.

Because Snape had to devote some of his energy to substitute lessons, the relatively easy potions lessons might be best suited to him.

And, of course, because Snape is the best wizard alive in potions.There may be candidates from other disciplines, but there are few in the entire wizarding world who are better than Snape in potions.So when Snape went to teach defense against the dark arts, dumbledore had to invite Horace slughorn, who was as old as he was, back out.

So Snape was teaching potions, after all, because he was simply too good

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