Although the main Harry potter story is set in the UK, one country that has made a big impact on the series is Albania, in the south-western Balkans of south-eastern Europe.After killing the potters, Voldemort is rebounded by Harry's curse, saving his soul but destroying his body.He needed to find a place to hide and repair his body, and that was Albania.So why did Voldemort have to go to Albania?What secrets are hidden there?Today I'm going to solve the puzzle for you.

1. Why Voldemort first went to AlbaniaIn fact,

Voldemort's trip to Albania was not his first.He had close ties to Albania from a very early age.Well, that was when he first applied to be a defense against the dark arts teacher, not long after he left school.The headmaster at that time was Armando Dippet.Armando rejected Tom riddle jr. 's application on the grounds that he was too young.However, little Tom riddle did not take it too seriously, for the real purpose of his visit was to ask Ravenclaw's ghost, lady gray, about the whereabouts of the diadem of Ravenclaw.Whether it was because little Tom was so good-looking, or because he was really capable of seduction, lady gray told him the secret she had kept for centuries.After Ms. Gray stole the diadem from her mother, Rowena Ravenclaw, she fled to Albania, a place beyond her mother's magical control, and hid the diadem in a forest.So, in order to find the diadem and turn it into a horcrux, little Tom riddle, aka Voldemort, set foot in Albania for the first time.

2. Voldemort spent a lot of time in Albania.

After Voldemort had found the diadem of Ravenclaw, he seemed in no hurry to leave Albania.For he had returned to the school for the second time to apply for a defence against the dark arts class, after a gap of twenty years.This time, of course, he didn't really want to be a teacher. He wanted to hide the diadem in the room of requirement.Cursing the defense against the dark arts teacher, which is just a passing thing, is just a smoke bomb for one's real purpose.So where did he go in the 20 years between?Dumbledore had said that when he saw little Tom riddle again, he had become a very frightening figure.In those 20 years, little Tom had made a great break through in the dark arts, as he could tell from his defense against the dark arts class, such a powerful curse, perhaps even Dumbledore is inferior to it.Why was Voldemort's dark arts advancing by leaps and bounds?It is likely that his time in Albania exposed him to the more mysterious dark arts, and through his studies there he created many more dark arts than ever before.For example, he invented the flying curse, which only Voldemort and Snape knew.This explains why, after Voldemort was injured, he chose Albania as his hiding place, perhaps to help him work out the resurrection.Professor Quirrell and Bertha Jorkins.Besides Voldemort, two other characters have close ties to Albania.The first is professor Quirrell from the philosopher's stone.He was originally a rather timid, but not very bad wizard, but he was completely blackened when he became Voldemort's makeshift horcrux.And it was in Albania that Quirrell met Voldemort.Rather, it was professor Quirrell who ran to him after hearing that Voldemort might be in Albania.Professor Quirrell, who has long been ridiculed for being a bit of a coward, wants to be a hero by finding Voldemort, and it would be nice if he could learn some dark magic from him.However, after all, he did not resist Voldemort's ability to confuse people, became his accomplice.Bertha Jorkins is not a character in the film, but she is also a key character in the novel.She works in the department of magical sports and I think she was involved in organizing the Triwizard tournament.Before the match, she took a vacation to Albania and met Voldemort.The dark Lord USES powerful magic to learn from her about the plans for the Triwizard tournament and the fact that his faithful servant, barty crouch jr., is still alive.When he had extracted the news, he killed Bertha.However, in the riddle family graveyard of Voldemort's resurrection, Bertha's shadow reappears as Voldemort's victim due to the flashback curse, and together with other "shadows" of Voldemort's victims, Bertha encourages Harry and surrounds Voldemort to help him escape.

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