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  • RoxelxSorku

    I don`t get it

    August 24, 2013 by RoxelxSorku

    I don`t understand, lost of people make fan art. Then someone steals their art. Lots of people like then they get radded out. I don`t have a DA, but I have seen this alot. Someone steals someone else picture & they put a link tosomeone`s profile to say that they are stealing there are when they are stealing that persons art. I mean, really? is it that hard to tell who`s is who`s? Just try to look at it if you seen it somewhere else. I know this does not make sense, but.. Is it even possible to get people to like you`re stuff that you post then make them tell you things that should not said?

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  • RoxelxSorku

    I keep geting lots of qestions from Twitter. "Is it against the law to steal someone elses pictures, & make it out like they are stealing your pictures, but your really the one thats doing it?"

    Well, I don`t know how explane it, but for some reason, it is hard for to awnser that qestion, but I think its is against the law, & if I'm wrong, please tell me.

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