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    The plagicheck early beta is out know for those of you who are not aware plagicheck is a web application that compares files for plagarism ,in the early beta plagicheck simply allows wiki users to copy two text files in any of there communities and check them for plagarism ,plagicheck is in its early beta but will continue undergoing various changes you can get a copy here since plagicheck is open source software i welcome any fandom developers to help grow it.

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  • Rogue maltron

    common emojis

    May 3, 2018 by Rogue maltron

    Here are some emojis that make chats more interesting

      • (angry)
      • >:O
      • >:-O
      • (argh)
      • (ba)
      • (mrt)
      • (batman)
      • (blush)
      •  :]
      •  :-]
      • (books)
      • (confused)
      •  :S
      •  :-S
      • (content)
      • (cool)
      • B)
      • B-)
      • (crying)
      •  ;-(
      •  ;(
      •  :'(
      • (fingers crossed)
      • (yn)
      • (frustrated)
      • >:-/
      • >:/
      • (ghost)
      • (swayze)
      • (happy)
      •  :-)
      •  :)
      • (heart)
      • (h)
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  • Rogue maltron

    so as i have noticed  most new users at times do not understand the TOU or do not bother to read it being inspired by the dummies instructional series i have decided to write this blog to simplify the daunting TOU.

    so let us start of by defining TOU. TOU basically refers to Terms Of use hence is the name states these are rules you need to understand before using a product or know while using a product in this case we are talking about FANDOMS Terms Of Use. it basically outlines 9 things and these are:

    • Membership
    • Wikia, Inc.'s Intellectual Property
    • User Conduct
    • Submitting Content to the Site and Copyrights
    • Company Original Content
    • Media Content
    • Claims of Copyright Infringement
    • Disclaimers and Limitation on Liability
    • Governing Law, Venue, and Jurisdic…

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  • Rogue maltron

    so like most wiki editors you have probably seen another user being banned by an admin,FANDOM staff,Content mod(where applicable),VSTF and discussions mod (where applicable) and probably you yourself you have ever experienced a ban of some kind for some time for some users even permanently, being banned can be frustrating and can lead to unnecessary drama between users. when a user is banned certain permissions are removed from their user rights depending on what the banning authority (Admin,contend mod,discussions mod ,FANDOM staff ,VSTF etc) sees fit

    A chat ban is a ban where a users right to enter a specific wikis chat room (live chat) is removed for some time as the banning authority sees fit.In community central most chat bans are done…

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  • Rogue maltron

    Although i am not much of a tech whiz with HTML or css i do think it is a great way to modernize a wiki

    If you are abit new to HTML or CSS then you must be asking yourself, what is this? well HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. Developed by scientist Tim Berners-Lee in 1990, HTML is the "hidden" code that helps us communicate with others on the World Wide Web (WWW). When writing HTML, you add "tags" to the text in order to create the structure. so now that you know what it is

    well most of the HTML code you write does not need to be original,you can gather a number of HTML tips from the dev wiki THE dev wiki is basically a hub for programmers and enthusiasts alike to come and share programs that help impact fandom order t…

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